Holy Crap Oracle Deck

Get to know your oracle deck

Congratulations on your first Holy Crap deck! These cards has been specifically created for you to understand and communicate with your soul on a deeper level, and to help you become aware of the messages and guidance that it is constantly sending you. On this page you will find all the information you need to activate and use your deck 💜

About the deck

In this beautiful 50-card deck, you’ll find messages of encouragement, advice and reflection to nudge you into becoming your most vibrant and true self. All of the cards have been channeled with the intention of helping your soul on its highest evolution, and to rise up to become the leader of your own life that you were always meant to be. This is a deck to help take your power back, and to remember your infinite strength and creative capability. You are the creator of your own reality, and the hope with this oracle is that it assists you in finding that certainty and belief in yourself.

How to activate the cards

Before you begin working with the cards, you want to make them your own and to attune them to your frequency. You can do this in a variety of ways, but our preferred way is very simple: Hold the deck with both of your hands in front of your heart until you feel it starts vibrating. Then you know that your energy has been infused in the cards and that it is yours.

What is an oracle deck?

An oracle card deck can be described as many things, but above all it is a way for you to connect with your essence and receive clear messages and support from your soul. An oracle card deck can consist of as many cards as the creator wishes, unlike more traditional tarot card decks which usually consist of 78 cards. The difference between oracle decks and tarot decks is that tarot decks have much more of a distinct structure. A tarot deck is divided into four suites, and each card has a very specific meaning one often must memorize. An oracle deck on the other hand does not comply with any of the rules of tarot cards, but follow a much more intuitive approach. Oracle cards are often inspirational cards that provide support, love and a sense of upliftment, although they can have prompting messages as well.

Different kinds of spreads

When working with the cards it can be helpful to have a structure to lean into for help and specific guidance. Here you’ll find suggestions for four different kinds of spreads to assist you in receiving guidance in your day to day life.

One card spread - card of the day

This is an efficient and effective way to receive quick and direct messages from your soul, guides and the universe. If you would like to, pull one card from the deck each morning for a week or a month, and see how the messages fit in with the themes of each day. Often we get surprised at how accurate the guidance is. Try giving the deck different questions during this time period, such as:

“What is my focus for today?”

“What do I need to keep in mind today?”

“How can I make the most out of this day?”

“What themes will arise for me during the day?”

You can also try asking the deck for a specific word that you will carry with you throughout the day. When pulling your card, see what the first word that pops up in your mind is when looking at the image. Then carry that word with you as inspiration and support throughout the day.  

Ultimately, play around with it and have fun! The spiritual quest should always come from a place of wonder and joy, and there is no limit on how many ways you can work with the cards. Be creative and see what types of questions you can come up with.

More spreads are coming soon..


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