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How trauma affects your lymphatic health

Så påverkar trauma din lymfhälsa

Lymphatic health has become a hot topic recently, which is understandable given the impact of the lymphatic system on our body and well-being. The lymphatic system helps the body detox and cleanse itself, helping us stay healthy. In this article, you will learn more about how trauma and stress affect your lymphatic health, and you will get tips on what you can do to give your lymphatic system the right conditions to function as well as possible.

Could there be an emotional cause behind lymphatic challenges?
Yes absolutely. Avoiding emotions comes at a cost when it comes to overall well-being in body and mind! We need to dissolve repressed emotional energies and accumulated energies that have been picked up through life(s) and that have created our personality with fears, adaptations and feelings of separation which in turn have created adaptations, stress and contractions mentally, emotionally and physically. All this has created imbalances and disease. Everything is energy. Flow and stillness in truth. If the lymph is not flowing, it indicates that emotions are not flowing or have been suppressed.

Avoiding emotions is avoiding a lot of yourself. It's like turning off an entire sensory experience we're designed to have as humans. To reject how we feel is to reject oneself. This is abandoning a beautiful part of the self, our essence and source that lives behind blockages and accumulated energy, because really we all want to live in abundance, in pleasure and feel harmony and freedom on all levels.

When I started giving myself time to land, I found that the body was trying to communicate with me and that it was actually trying to help me. It showed me that it was time to open up my heart and love myself unconditionally. It is often this insight we gain on silent retreats. I needed to let go of all my emotions to resolve many of my symptoms. It has improved my immune system and the lymphatic system now circulates better with less fluid in the body, less pain and increased hormonal balance. I experienced the magic of turning my healing within to dissolve my symptoms while expanding a deep rooted love and trust in myself.

Behind me, I grew up with young traumatized parents who had
made me conflicted and where my symptoms of a sluggish lymphatic system only became
the tip of the iceberg, i.e. the messenger that something was not right. After many years of stress and anxiety problems which, among other things, created problems with the liver, digestion and intestines as well as lymphatic changes, I had to change my life. Growing up, I didn't know how to deal with emotions, so I repressed and avoided them, which left me tense, anxious, and disassociated. This led to a functional imbalance which unfortunately did not show up in any tests at the health centre. As a 20-year-old, I had already started to notice hormonal problems, tension in the shoulders and neck with recurring pain, poor blood circulation, difficulty sweating and that my body slowly but surely began to accumulate excess fluid in various places.

I sought help in healthcare for recurring pains, flu-like symptoms and sudden fluid accumulation in the body. I was able to gain 2-4 kg in a short time after, among other things, vigorous exertion, sushi food, certain medicines or air travel. The only thing the healthcare system could offer me after the tests were diuretics, which really only made the problems worse

Our largest system, the lymphatic system, is like the forgotten child when it comes to it
the understanding of our health The lymphatic system is widely branched in the body and has several important functions, but is still a rather unexplored area despite the fact that they can cause many and troublesome symptoms. Many testify to unexplained weight gain or swelling. The lymphatic system is a large part of the body's immune system and the body's large purification system that fights and cleans out old, damaged or foreign cells, such as bacteria, viruses, proteins, tumor cells and other toxins from the body. Without lymph flow, a healthy person would die within 24 hours. And when a person experiences significant bleeding, their lymphatic vessel flow increases, proving the lymphatic system's dynamic role in maintaining blood volume.

The lymph fluid contains abundant nutrients, including proteins and fats and
as it flows through the intestines, it absorbs fat molecules that act as
an important part of the supply chain of fatty nutrients for the body.
The lymphatic system also helps to clear away fat from the body, but if you have a sluggish or damaged lymphatic system with too few lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes, the lymphatic system is not really able to transport the fluid around and instead it stays too long in the tissues and is eventually transformed to stored as fat and connective tissue. The waste products then show up in cellulite, and the body becomes swollen, which in the worst case is transformed into a so-called edema where the fluid has become fibrotic tissue.

All fluids in the body, including lymph, are connected to our emotions. Feelings are
meant to feel so they can flow. Thoughts are the language of the brain and emotions are
body language and how you think and how you feel create a state of being.

We can imagine the lymph as a river. It is intelligently designed to flow and nourish the body. Where there is imbalance, i.e. blockages, there are also stuck energies. There, there has been a shock to the body which has created an ulceration in the form of stagnation.

We all have a healing power within us! Personally, I have experienced amazing results after I started learning to understand my emotions, listen to the emotions in my body and put the emotions into words and regulate them. This is actually the basis for us to feel good about ourselves and be able to have good relationships with others.

The work of the liver
When we have symptoms from the lymphatic system, we also need to look at the liver and its
tremendous work it does in neutralizing disturbing invaders, harmful substances
such as synthetic pesticides, pathogens, mold, plastics, toxic heavy metals and other troublemakers that break down the body's cells. As these toxins circulate in the blood, lymph fluid, and spinal fluid, they wreak havoc in their path, depleting nutrients, draining life force of the very oxygen, and even damaging the cells of the immune system. In addition, a dysfunctional liver can make it difficult for the intestine and vice versa. In these situations, it is important to start looking at your diet. Keep in mind that most grasses are lymphatic cleansing and this may explain why animals eat grass when they are sick.

The lymphatic system is a one-way system in the body that transports fluid and
waste products from all parts of the body back into the circulation, but first must
it is transported via lymph stations (lymph nodes). The lymph nodes are mainly located in
the armpits, around the neck and groin and therefore work towards these stations.

In yoga we do twisting poses, backbends, forward bends and
inversions. These positions affect the metabolism as they massage and
stimulates the endocrine system and abdominal organs and regulates their function,
improves local circulation and cleanses them of stagnant toxins.
One of the body's most crucial cleansing mechanisms, the lymphatic system, relies on
muscle movements to pump lymph throughout the body and clear toxins
as debris from dead cells.

In your pelvis, around all the organs in your abdomen and along your entire spine are masses
of lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes. The easiest way to stimulate these completely without aids is to do twists. So get started and twist your body back and forth whether you're sitting or standing. This is especially interesting for anyone with a circulatory system that may work slowly and easily cause swollen feet, legs and fingers. Which may make you feel heavy and have hormonal fluctuations and more.

Also for those who have had symptoms in the lymphatic system after covid-19 . I myself had experience of this by having a swollen lymph node in my abdomen, nausea,
fever and dizziness as well as effects on the vagus nerve.

A sluggish lymphatic system can also lead to fibrosis, thickening of the fatty tissue when
connective tissue, skin and waste products grow together. It is the fibrosis that hurts
touch and massage. The most common areas of the body that are so called
problem areas, and where you can notice if your lymphatic system is sluggish, are the neck,
around the ankles, knees, thighs, upper arms and abdomen. But also old injuries
and scars where fibrosis may have formed.

We know through research that when we don't get enough lymphatic flow in and out
the nodes then inflammation can occur. The root cause of it may be unprocessed
emotions, a trauma that creates internal stress and which in turn affects your
breath. This in turn can affect your gut health with bacterial imbalance
and a permeable intestinal wall, among others. The liver becomes overworked and tired from all the internal stress caused by all the adrenaline as well as toxins you ingest from, for example, chemicals, medicines, alcohol or processed food. Yes, it is not surprising that you start to get various symptoms with a toxic lymph.

It could also be something else that's haunting your case, like you're not getting enough
intake of plain clean water? Or that there is scar tissue that stops it
the circulation after an operation or burn? Yes there are many
causal relationships that may provide clues. Are your shoulders, neck, neck or jaw tense or do you have a slumped posture because you are pushing yourself or living under stress?
Is there hormonal imbalance? Unless we go to the root of what is
root cause and start there, you won't get the effect you want either.

For many, grounding can help them. The earth's surface is "alive" with an unlimited
source of free electrons, also known as antioxidants. That the earth heals is a well-known scientific fact but something most people don't know. When we have direct contact, the natural, subtle energy of the ground is absorbed - the free ones
the electrons. When you have regular ground contact restores and stabilizes
the electrons the electrical state of the body. Remember that your body - from cells to organs - works electrically. Take the heart or the nervous system as an example.
The energy from the earth also seems to reduce chronic inflammation, considered the
primary cause of most "modern" diseases. Health benefits include better and deeper sleep, a feeling of being more rested upon waking, reduced pain and stress, increased lymph flow, reduced chronic inflammation, protection from potentially harmful radiation from the electrical system, higher energy
and much more. Grounding can easily be summed up as one of the most powerful ways to strengthen the body and immune system. Because when we are ungrounded in our base, it is difficult to keep the balance in contact with the earth, nature and all living things because we do not stand stable in our foundation. I have experienced that it affects our health and mental health more than we realize. When we ground ourselves with the Bas Chakra, we therefore strengthen our health and basic security in everything we do and experience in life.

The article is written by Lena Thurner, who works as a coach in lymphatic health and lymphatic yoga. Lena is also a herbal therapist and energy medicine therapist. Do you also want to write an article for our platform?Email us!

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"I have a lot of experience with my own lymphatic challenges that have gotten much better over the years thanks to my LYMF program. I lead lymphatic yoga, coaching and courses and will soon come out with a book about the lymphatic system from a holistic perspective. I am also the founder of Prahna ." - Lena Thurner

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