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10 character traits for Diamond children (born 2010-)

Diamantbarnen Holy Crap

The Diamond Children are said to be the fourth wave of 'Children of the New Age', coming after the Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow Children. The diamond children are said to have started to be born on Earth from the beginning of the 2000s, but should have come in larger waves from the 2010s onwards. These souls choose to come to Earth to help raise the frequency and bring us into 5D existence. The Diamond Children have come with a specific mission to care for and assist others on their journeys, including by making people awaken to their own truth.

Unlike the other children of the new age, the diamond children are said to carry no past karma with them, and many of these souls are also on earth for the first time. This means that they carry with them a high and bright frequency, and these individuals can often shift the energy of an entire room just by their presence. One of the greatest gifts the diamond children bring with them is the ability to make people around them wake up and see through the 'illusion' of everyday life. This is said to be because the diamond children hold DNA codes that when they come into contact with others act as keys that unlock new aspects of consciousness.

If you are curious about whether you or someone close to you is a diamond child, here is a list of 10 character traits that can help you decide!

1: They are highly sensitive to energies . Because the Diamond Children are such high frequency souls, it can be difficult for them to be around negative people or places with many different energies. They can read a room at once, and it can take them a few days to recover as they easily take on other people's energies.

2: They are incredibly empathetic . Empathy is one of the strongest character traits when it comes to the Diamond children, and is something that enables them to feel what another person is going through, in order to then contribute with help and support. They are selfless and live from the heart.

3: They need a lot of personal time. As a diamond child, one may find it difficult to adjust to the more compact frequency here on earth and may therefore like to spend a lot of time alone. The diamond children do this to care for and protect themselves energy, while also purifying their field when they are allowed to be undisturbed.

4: They possess supernatural abilities . Many old souls and empaths possess abilities such as telepathy, but the diamond children have these abilities to a greater extent. They can always sense when someone is thinking of them, as well as predict future events. They always know what people are about to say to them, and also have an ability called telekinesis. This is the ability to make things happen in the physical world with the help of one's thoughts.

5: They have special eyes. As a diamond child, one often has very attractive eyes that can see into the depths of one's soul. They can be large or almond-shaped, and they have a kind of shimmer about them that brings a sense of mystery and mystery.

6: They may need a special diet. Because diamond children are so high frequency, their systems may have difficulty accepting all types of food here on Earth and they are common to have many allergies. They may have had many types of stomach issues and it may take a while for them to find a diet that works for their bodies.

7: They have an incredibly strong will. Diamond children are highly intelligent and possess a strong inner drive towards happiness and success. They know they are right in most cases and can sometimes come across as a little arrogant because of this.

8: They seem to be haunted by luck. Somehow, the Diamond Children's highest wishes always seem to come true, and it's as if the universe is always there, supporting them in their success. They have a lightness about them, and a feeling that life is simple and they are in flow with the rhythm of the universe.

9: They may have different interests. As a diamond child, you often get bored of everyday conversations and activities, you often look for something bigger and deeper, and can therefore develop what may seem to others to be slightly different interests. These souls may seem to be a bit outside of society and groups due to their reluctance to conform to specific frameworks.

10: They have strong personalities. Diamond children know from an early age who they are, and often have a very strong personality that shines through wherever they go. It is likely that they have remembered their mission from early in life, and they feel a strong intuitive connection to their soul and the universe.

Do you have a diamond child near you? Feel free to comment!

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