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10 tips to strengthen your intuition

10 tips för att stärka din intuition

Intuition is something that all people have and can also be described as our gut feeling or as the ability to just know things. Intuition is an important tool for us and can help us both protect our own energy and avoid dangerous situations. It is what enables us to know something directly without analytical thinking, and it acts as a bridge between the conscious parts of our thoughts and the unconscious. Intuition can also be called the sixth sense, but the fact is that it is not something elusive and mysterious, but a very clear and useful ability that people have used for centuries.

In many spiritual circles, intuition has played a crucial role in connecting with higher dimensions and seeing oneself on a deeper level. The concept of "the third eye" is important in many cultures in Tibet and Nepal, among others, where you can see the third eye depicted in sacred places. The concept of the third eye has also spread to more parts of the world, and today it is an obvious part of spiritual practices even here in Sweden. The third eye is a great symbol of intuition, as it shows the ability to see without having to use the eyes. The third eye is a symbol of daring to listen to the inner voice and follow its guidance on the path to wisdom, instead of turning outward in search of knowledge. Intuition and the third eye are often connected with the color purple, which stands for spirituality and deep wisdom.

10 tips to strengthen your intuition

The way our intuition works is that we get sudden insights and knowledge, from what can feel like a bolt from the blue. Suddenly we just know something, and know exactly how to proceed to achieve what we desire. To make these sporadic flashes of insight more frequent and clearer in our lives, here are ten tips on what you can do to strengthen your intuition.

1. Meditate
Our intuition tends to be as quiet as small whispers, so it is important to make room for these thoughts to be heard by stilling our mind and being in silence.

2. Begin to notice as much as possible through your five ordinary senses
By becoming more aware of our five conventional senses, we also increase our sensitivity, making it easier for intuition to develop.

3. Pay attention to your dreams
When we dream, our conscious thoughts are disconnected, and instead we are filled with things that lie deep below the surface. To strengthen your intuition, it is a good idea to try to analyze your dreams and find out what they want to tell you. In this way, you also become familiar with how your subconscious usually communicates with you, and you learn to distinguish and interpret the symbolism your body uses.

4. Be creative
By being creative such as through dancing, painting, exercising, singing, the analytical part of our brain is quieted down and makes room for intuition to emerge.

5. Use oracles or tarot cards

Working with oracle cards and tarot is a fantastic way to strengthen intuition. Interpreting the symbolism of the cards before turning to the guidebook is a powerful way to listen to your inner voice and to trust yourself. In addition, it becomes much more fun when, after making your own interpretation, you look up the guidebook and find the same message!

6. Listen to your body

Our consciousness and body are closely linked, and intuition can often express itself through physical sensations. Does someone give you a suggestion that makes your stomach churn? Does a party give you a headache? It could be your intuition talking to you through your body, so start paying attention to how you feel around different people and in different environments.

7. Practice sensing people before you get to know them.

When you meet someone new, try to see how much information you can glean just from observing them. People do this all the time, but by actively thinking about getting the most out of someone just at first glance, we train our intuition.

9. Spend time in nature.

Like meditation, spending time outdoors in nature can quiet our thoughts and allow us to be fully present. This makes room for intuition to be heard more clearly, and insights can come to us more easily. If you are more curious about how the forest can help us, check out this article! (link to the healing powers of the forest)

9. Test your hunches.

Do you have a feeling that it will rain the day after tomorrow, even though the forecast says bright sun? Do you think your best friend's boyfriend is going to propose in a week? Write down all your premonitions and feelings of what will happen, and then look back at them. See how many times you were right. You might be surprised at how much you could know through your intuition alone.

10. Let go of your resistance.

Don't dismiss your intuition when you get sudden insights, and don't start analyzing why you had that thought or where it came from. Just accept that it's there, and instead be curious about where it might lead you if you choose to listen to it.

Good luck!

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