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Four different types of mediality

Fyra olika typer av medialitet

Mediality comes in many different forms, and in this article we will break down the four most common types of mediality that a person can have. Being medial basically means being able to connect to frequencies other than those on which the human body normally functions. You can look at it much like tuning in a new radio channel and the different types of mediality act as tools to be able to find just the right frequency. If you are more curious about what is meant by frequencies and how it is connected to mediumship, you can check out this article !

All people have the ability to be medial, and understanding how mediality expresses itself for one can help us to a greater understanding of ourselves. The four different types of mediality can be seen as four different ways our intuition uses to communicate with us. These four different paths are called in spiritual circles "The Four Clairs", and refer to the four different ways mediumship often expresses itself. These are Clairaudience (hearing voices), Clairvoyance (seeing images), Clairsentience (feeling) and Claircognizance (knowing). Read through the description of each “Clair” to find out which of the four abilities is strongest in you, and to know how you can develop them!

Clairaudience (hearing)

This ability expresses itself in the fact that it seems that someone is talking in one's head. Messages often come in short words or sentences, such as "yes" or "no", or "wait a month". There is nothing threatening in the voice, and it is never emotional, but always straight to the point and neutral. This is how you can separate it from your own thoughts and ego, by making it clear to yourself if the voice is neutral and collected, or if it has an emotional agenda. Often it can also be the case that you just hear a word out of nowhere, something that suddenly pops into your head without warning. This may indicate that you are receiving messages via clairaudience.

Clairvoyance (see)

Clairvoyance expresses itself by seeing images and scenes to one's inner eye, which often expresses itself as metaphors. For example, you can see an image of someone clinging to a tree, and in this way know that that person is afraid to let go of security and throw themselves into the world. Or you can have a vision of working in a new place at the time of a friend's birthday party, and therefore know that you will have a new job when this friend's birthday. Often clairvoyant messages can also come to us through dreams, so if you want to develop this ability it can be good to get into the habit of writing down your dreams in a journal.


This ability is the most common of the four types of mediumship and involves being able to feel other people's emotions. You can easily read how someone is feeling, and are often very sensitive to energies in public environments. An example of clairsentience is that before you meet a person you can sense their mood. You know if they are tired, excited, or nervous about being seen, and the way you know this is often by the feelings expressing themselves in your own body. Out of nowhere, you can also start to feel nervous, or get very happy for no reason. This is often a sign that the clairsentient ability is being expressed. It is also common to be able to feel other people's pain, by, for example, suddenly getting a headache, and therefore knowing that the other person has a headache.

Claircognizance (knowing)

Claircognizance means just knowing something. This ability can be compared to having sudden insights, and from one second to the next having a full understanding of something and seeing the situation clearly. It's like downloading a large file of information about an event and then being able to recount everything in detail. Often the information and messages you get access to can be completely illogical, and you cannot understand how you know what you know. If you have ever had this feeling, you can be sure that you have used claircognizance. When receiving such 'downloads' it is important not to start questioning it with your logical brain. The answers will probably reveal themselves to you if you dare to trust.

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