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Books for you who are at the beginning of your spiritual journey

Böcker för dig som är i början på din spirituella resa

Books fulfill an important function for people going through their spiritual awakenings around the world. Perhaps you are at the beginning of your spiritual journey and feel that you just want to devour information from all sides and corners? Just for you, we have created a list of books that have been fantastic mainstays during our own awakenings.

The Secret - Rhonda Byrne - Other book format (9781582701707) | Books

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

You have probably heard of this book many times, as it is both well known and has been made into a movie several times. The Secret , or The Secret , is written by Rhonda Byrne and is about the power of positive thinking. The principle described is that what you send out you also get back. This is a book that makes us understand that we ourselves determine what we attract in life, and that if you send out positive energy, you will receive positive frequencies back. You are the creator of your life and choose where you want to focus your energy and what you will manifest into your life. The secret will most likely change your outlook on life.

Changing, exciting, motivating.

Light Is the New Black - Campbell Rebecca - Hardcover (9781781805015) | Adlibris Bookstore

Light is the new black by Rebecca Campbell

The book that helps you listen to your soul's dreams. Light is the new black is an easy-to-read book for anyone who has felt that they have a bigger mission in the world, that they are part of something bigger but don't really know where that feeling comes from or what it means. The book is written by Rebecca Campbell who tells her relatable story of ignoring her soul's yearning to fit in, to making a spiritual journey towards following her inner truth and discovering how it lights up the world.

Inspirational, eye opening, recognition.

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Life : A Practical Guide to the Art of Fulfilling Dreams - Deepak Chopra - Ebook (9789176796221) | Books

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Life by Deepak Chopra

Deepak Chopra has developed seven powerful principles that will help you achieve success, good health and inner peace. The principles have their basis in Vedic philosophy and address the importance of being responsive to the laws of nature, understanding one's innermost being and enjoying every moment of life. In the book, Chopra shares tools that can change your life in the long term. The seven spiritual laws of life are described as "a dear friend for life" - which we think is a wonderful description!

Deep, healing, caring.


The people of light by Benny Rosenqvist
The people of light by Benny Rosenqvist

Benny Rosenqvist, who is a well-known medium and recurring guest on the Holy Crap Podcast, has written the book Ljusfolket , among other things . Most people live in constant fear of various events and experiences, and far too often we let fear rule our lives. In the book, Benny shows that there is nothing to be afraid of and here we get to go along on a journey that shows that life does not end when we die. Our souls live on and are reborn to grow as humans. Benny talks about the life plan that we choose before we are born, and the importance of listening to our intuition as it is often our guides who communicate with us. The book Ljusfolket offers an exciting journey with angels, spirits, twin souls and much more!

Meaningful, empowering, captivating.

The Universe Has Your Back

The universe has your back by Gabrielle Bernstein

The New York Times bestseller The Universe has your back is about realizing the soul's true purpose - and always choosing love over fear. The book is written by Gabrielle Bernstein who tells us that the goal of this book is to make as many people as possible wake up and realize that they have the ability to live their lives based on love, and finally feel security, happiness and a clear path. The book contains mantras, prayers, meditations and much more.

Love, gratitude, trust.

Untamed - Glennon Doyle - Hardcover (9781984801258) | Adlibris Bookstore

Untamed by Glennon Doyle

Written by renowned author Glennon Doyle, Untamed is about being brave and independent in a world that demands so much from us as individuals, often diminishing our inherent power. Untamed is an astonishing and empowering story that helps women grow and dare to express their authentic selves. In the book, you can follow Glennon's own journey towards daring to break the social norm, divorce, marry a woman and say goodbye to the talented, quiet girl who previously owned her. This, too, is one of the top books on the New York Times bestseller list and a book that everyone is strengthened by, regardless of background.

Liberating, empowering, loving.

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