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Five ways to use crystals

Kristaller - Crystals

Crystals are absolutely wonderful tools to use to heighten emotions, call in and manifest things in life. In order to really make full use of crystals, it is good to cleanse them (insert link to "how crystals work") with water or sage when you get them home, and then program them with an intention.

Crystals, just like everything else on earth, have their own frequency and vibration. When this frequency interacts with our energy field, it can help elevate and manifest things in our lives. Some crystals vibrate on the wavelength of love - eg rose quartz - and can therefore be good to use if you feel in need of a love boost. Other crystals, such as black obsidian, are on a protective wavelength, and are therefore good to have if you want help with not giving away too much of your power and energy.

To enhance the crystals' already existing properties, we usually set an intention, and then blow it into the crystal. It could be, for example, "Every time I hold this rose quartz, I will be reminded of how much love there is in the world, and how loved I am." Now you will automatically shift and raise your frequency to the wavelength of love every time you work with the rose quartz.

Here are 5 ways to use crystals that we love:

1. Meditate with the crystal

Hold the crystal in your hand and use it as your focal point. Feel how it feels in your hand, how it is shaped, what energies it gives you. This is an alternative to, for example, focusing on breathing or on a specific mantra. In addition, at the same time, you get the crystal's fantastic energies that boost your meditation and maybe the rest of your day.

2. Carry crystals in your pocket or bag

Feel in the morning which energies you need to have a boost from today. Do you need extra inspiration? Courage? Quiet? Love? Choose one or more crystals that boost you with what you need and put them in your pocket or bag that you carry with you.

3. Place a crystal on a place that needs cleansing

Crystals raise the energy where it is, so it can be a good idea to, for example, put crystals in the hall that clear away energies you and others bring in with you. Or why not put one by the desk at work if you feel you need a clean space there? They are also very nice as decoration.

4. Wear as jewelry
There are tons of jewelry adorned with crystals. It is both very beautiful, and a very convenient way to always carry a crystal with you.

5. Make your own crystal water
Fill a glass with water and then put in a crystal. Leave this overnight and drink the following morning. This can give you an extra boost with the crystal's energies from within and many people find the water to feel very cleansing. Important to keep in mind, however, is that some crystals cannot withstand water, so be sure to check if your particular crystal does before you make your crystal water. If you want to use a crystal that cannot withstand water, you can put the crystal next to the glass. One tip is to surround the glass with different crystals and let them boost the water with their energies.

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