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Feminine and masculine energy (Yin/Yang)

Feminin och maskulin energi (Yin/Yang)

Feminine and masculine energy are two opposing forces in the universe that are also in constant flux within all of us. Knowledge of these two polarities has existed for millennia, and in many cultures they are referred to as Yin and Yang. Yin represents the feminine energy and Yang represents the masculine, and without these two forces interacting with each other, balance would not exist. The energies thus have nothing to do with the physical sex male and female, but all people carry both energies.

The feminine and masculine energies are vital to us and balance the scales within ourselves and on Earth. Together, Yin and Yang form a perfect circle, but if one of these energies begins to take up more space than the other and the circle is broken, disorder and chaos can result.

The same applies to us humans. The feminine and masculine energy exists as potential in perfect balance within all of us, but if for various reasons you get an abundance of one or the other, the circle is disturbed and you can end up out of balance.

An excess of masculine energy can manifest as aggressiveness, dominance, overthinking or ignorance, while an excess of feminine energy can mean feeling unfocused, fragmented, unmotivated, and without a sense of meaning and direction. in life. That is why it is so important to become aware of the relationship between the feminine and masculine energy in our bodies, so that one can learn to balance them when one notices a disharmony.

Masculine energy

The highest expression of the masculine energy is assertiveness, awareness, forward drive, logical thinking and forcefulness, and to reconnect and strengthen the masculine energy one can:

  • Train
  • Set goals to work towards
  • Plan a trip
  • Learn something new

Feminine energy

The feminine energy comes to its fullest expression when it is playful, relaxed, creative, intuitive and uses emotional intelligence. To strengthen the feminine energy within one can:

  • Dance
  • Laugh
  • Practice intuitive writing
  • Yoga
  • Meditate

In recent centuries, the dominance of the masculine energy has been great in the world, and many people have been disconnected from their inner selves and their emotions. Even today, it is common to let the masculine energy take over and work on regardless of how much the body and soul try to signal imbalances. The age we are moving towards now, "The Age of Aquarius" as they call it, is about letting the feminine power take a bigger place in our lives and in society. Now we are moving towards restoring the balance between the two energies, and creating more equality in the world. We begin to realize that we no longer want to follow authority figures, but listen to our own inner compass and pave our own path. By amplifying the feminine forces in the world, and by being aware of the opposing energies within ourselves, we move one step closer to a golden age.

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