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Find your purpose with the help of Human Design

Hitta ditt syfte med hjälp av Human Design

The article is written by Anna Lönnström, who works as a Human Design guide and career coach. Do you want to write an article on our platform? Email us!

Purpose. A word with great meaning, yet so diffuse. Most people ask themselves what is really important and stand at crossroads with questions such as - what is my purpose? What am I meant to do in this life? What should I work on, how should I spend my days? It's not uncommon to feel lost on the road to finding your purpose, but luckily there is help along the way!

Human Design is an amazing tool that can provide many clues to one's purpose and gifts. No one person is the same, we all came here to spread our unique light with our own combination of qualities. We are meant to be different and contribute to the world in different ways.

Human Design has an ability to tell you what you already know about yourself. So maybe you won't be surprised when you read your chart. Hopefully, Human Design can give you the confirmation you need to dare to take the step to something new. Or take a step back to yourself. The person you wanted to be before norms and external influences told you what you "should" do.

There is much to discover through Human Design, but some aspects give particularly good insight into you and your purpose.

Energy Type – The foundation you stand on

It is important to remember that all energy types can become exactly what they want. There are no restrictions. Since each person's chart is unique, there are several layers to look at, your energy type is just the foundation. But it's a good start.

- Manifestors are here to start something new. So what are you drawn to starting? What do you want to initiate?

- Manifesting Generators often have several different talents and are good at doing things quickly and in their own way. What different things do you want to bet on? You don't have to choose just one.

- Projectors, the leaders with an ability to see others deeply. In what way do you want to guide and lead others? Do you want to become a psychologist, soccer coach, or perhaps a politician?

- Generators, magical bundles of energy that spread so much light. But only if they work with something they are passionate about. So what do you love to do? What does your gut tell you?

- Reflectors are unique with an ability to reflect the outside world and evaluate what works and what doesn't. Because you are influenced by your environment and those you surround yourself with, your identity changes all the time. What feels right to you right now?

Profile – Your personality and the role you play in this life

There are six different profile lines within Human Design and your profile is a combination of two of these lines, for example 5/1. The first number in your profile is called the conscious part, a trait you recognize and identify with. The second number is called the unconscious part and is what others see in you. Both parts are equally important. Look at your particular combination and what numbers make it up. What do these lines say about you?

1. The Investigator. What are you deeply interested in, what do you want to learn all about?
2. The Hermit. What comes naturally to you? What are your talents? What do others see in you?
3. The Martyr. You try things that others don't dare. What do you want to explore whether you succeed or fail?

4. The Opportunist. You are great at networking. In what way do you want to gather and unite others?
5. The Heretic. What problems do you see practical solutions for? How can you help others solve these problems?

6. The Role Model. You have an ability to see things objectively and offer new perspectives. What do you want to teach?

Channels – Your strengths where you shine brightest

Your channels are your strengths. It is a strong and consistent energy that you always have access to. All channels are also divided into three different networks: individual, municipal or collective strength.

Look at your channels, what are your strengths? What type of energy and what network do they belong to? For example, if you have many individual strengths, you are meant to be strong in yourself, go your own way and thus inspire others to dare to do the same.

An example is the 1-8 Channel of Inspiration . This channel is about creative leadership, being a role model and daring to express your creativity in your own way, whether it's through art, the way you dress or the way you work. Because it is an individual strength, you inspire others to dare to express their creativity in their own way.

Sun Gates – Your Great Life Theme

There are 64 different gates within Human Design. They are the very building blocks of one's entire chart and represent your qualities. Your activated gates reveal who you are deep down.

Your Sun Gates make up about 70% of your life theme, so check which gates the sun is in in your chart to get a big clue as to who you are. On both sides of your chart there are red and black boxes with different symbols. The sun is in the top box on each side.

For example, if you have the sun in Gate 11 ( Gate of Ideas ), an important part of your purpose is to come up with lots of ideas that can help the outside world solve big questions.

Now you have four different parts of yourself to look at. What do these parts say about you and your person? When you combine them, what answer do you get? What do you feel called to do? And above all, what steps can you take to get closer to where you want to be? Closer to your purpose.

About Anna Lönnström
In my work as a Human Design Guide and career coach, I help people find their purpose. I offer readings and coaching programs with a focus on career and personal development. You can find me on Instagram as @carrysdotter.

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