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About Human Design and the different types

Om Human Design och de olika typerna

Human design is the individual map that exists over one's genetic code. It is a kind of system that is a combination of, among other things, astrology, quantum physics and Eastern teachings. With the help of human design, you can gain a greater understanding of who you are and why you function the way you do. By analyzing your own 'chart', you can get help to find your right strategies to make decisions and to live as the person you came to earth to be. Human design is a good tool that makes you understand what makes you the unique individual you are.

This system was discovered by Ra Uru Hu, who in 1987 received messages from a higher intelligence. For eight days this voice mediated with him and shared the knowledge of the system. This led him to write the book Rave I'Ching, which became the foundation of human design. After that he spent 25 years developing the system and spreading the knowledge to the rest of the world. Although human design is relatively new and unknown to us in Sweden, it is very well known in the United States, among others.

There are five different types in human design, where there is general advice for which strategy you should use depending on which type you are. However, it is important to keep in mind that although there is general advice for each type, we are all unique. To gain a deeper understanding, one needs to decipher the map in more detail. But we will go through the different types further down in the text. To find out your unique human design chart, you need your date of birth and what time of day you were born. You can download your human design chart here .

What can I learn from my human design?

The biggest lesson you can learn from knowing your design is what strategy you should use when making decisions. It is what underlies how you get ahead in life, and how you use your energy. It is easy to adapt to the hectic world we live in, where it can be experienced as if there is a type of template on how to behave, although it actually fits far from everyone. This can make you feel like you don't fit in or that you're different from everyone else, but you may not understand why. By deciphering your unique genetic code, you can gain a greater understanding of why you are the way you are, and use it to your advantage. Using your energy correctly is crucial for your inner well-being. How you do it, your human design can show. Many experience a relief when they have their human design described to them, and gain a greater acceptance of their own person. This in turn leads to you daring to live more in line with your true nature, and thus achieve great happiness and success in life.


About 70% of the earth's population are generators, where about one half are pure generators and the other half are manifesting generators. What is written here applies to all generators, but manifesting generators have some things that are different from the generator. Read more about manifesting generator in the paragraph below.

Generators are real doers, who can keep doing things over and over again. Whatever they take on, they have the ability to master, and they often don't give up until they do. Generators and manifesting generators underpin our entire society, which explains why other types can sometimes feel like they don't fit in. Generators have an open and inviting aura, and a defined sacral center. Therefore, generators are perceived as open and receptive people, and often attract both situations and other people. Their aura is like a magnet.

As a generator, your recommended strategy is to wait to respond, and let the chatter center guide when making decisions. It can be perceived as difficult, because the generator by its nature wants to jump on everything immediately. However, this can lead to a feeling of failure and create frustration, as the generator quickly realizes that it was the wrong decision and then also has enormous difficulty in pulling out.

Because generators have such a defined sacral center, they tend to emit sacral sounds. It can be sounds like "mhmhmh" if it's something that feels right in the stomach, or "nah" if it's wrong. One tip is to pay attention to what sounds are coming from you to learn what your positive and negative sounds sound like. This is therefore a good indicator of whether something is right or wrong for you. You may also experience a strong gut feeling if something feels good or bad. This is something you as a generator should listen to very carefully. Your gut is your most powerful tool - dare to trust it.

Waiting to make decisions, making decisions from the sacral center (stomach) and using your inner authority is the most important thing you as a generator can do to experience inner peace.

Manifesting generators

About 32% of the earth's population are manifesting generators. These have the same basic energy as a generator, where the sacral center is a large and powerful part of their energy. Like generators, they have an open and inviting aura, attracting people and opportunities like magnets. They love to be efficient, and find it incredibly difficult to face opposition. It creates enormous frustration for the person.

Manifesting generators are designed to work with their energy, rather than their brain. If you use your brain too much as a manifesting generator, there is a risk that you will do things and end up in situations where you do not feel well. As with the generator, it is important for manifesting generators to listen to their gut before making a decision, and to respond from within to all possibilities that arise. Then the manifesting generator is at its best.

The difference between generators and manifesting generators is that manifesting generators are very quick to move from decision to action once the decision is made. Often it happens because of an unwarranted fear that nothing will happen if it is not dealt with immediately. But it is important to then sit back and dare to trust that the universe has a plan for you, and everything that is right will come to you when it is the right time.

The other thing that distinguishes manifesting generators from generators is their need for sleep. They need to go to bed for a while before they get tired to discharge the last energy in bed before falling asleep. When a manifesting generator sleeps, it is like a battery being recharged. And this happens in the ultimate way if he gets to unload the last thing in bed before he falls asleep. It can also be good for manifesting generators to sleep alone, so that no one else is in their aura during the night and disturbs their charging.


About 20% of the world's population are projectors. These people have a penetrating aura, which other types easily sense. It can almost feel like they are looking into one's soul. Because the penetrating energy can be experienced as a little scary for e.g. a generator, the projector's recommended strategy is to wait to be invited. Once the projector has been invited to someone else, he is the ultimate guide. Unlike generators, who are our doers, projectors are the ones who are supposed to lead and guide the other types, as their ability to see into other people's energy makes them great leaders and they therefore find it easy to assume authoritarian positions. Projectors are also designed to work extremely efficiently and an important part of their role is to solve problems, streamline systems and guide others in how to work more sustainably and efficiently. It is important to underline, however, that all types can become managers and leaders of various kinds, you just need to find your unique strategy to get there. However, Projectors have in their nature to lead others.

Projectors take in other people's energies constantly and constantly, which can be exhausting. When a projector has taken in too much of other people's energies, it usually experiences energy dips during the day. Then it is a good idea to go away and rest for a while. Projectors are at their best when they can direct all their focus on one person, and give a great deal of themselves to that person. Meaningful conversations one-on-one are much more valuable to a projector than conversing in a large group.

Because projectors take in so much of other people's energies, and can easily experience fatigue and lack of energy because of this, it is incredibly important for the projector to use their energy correctly. Projectors usually do not have as high levels of energy as generators, which can be experienced as frustrating as many of us are taught from childhood that you have to keep going and work to get somewhere in life. But that's not what the projector is designed to do. Try to accept this fact, and learn to use your energy in the way you are meant to. Then you as a projector will experience great success in both life and your relationships.


About 9% of the population are manifestors. Unlike generators, which have an open and inviting aura, manifestors have a more closed aura, which can be perceived as frightening to people in its vicinity. Manifestors are the old type of leader, when the leader was required to be a strong individual who would make all the decisions. In today's modern society, however, this strategy does not work, which is one of the reasons why the manifestor may feel misunderstood and shunned by others. People may even want to control the manifester due to the manifester's immense ability to take initiative without informing others.

The Manifestor is the only type that can make a decision or initiative without involving other people in the decision. Therefore, the manifester's recommended strategy is to inform those affected before taking action. When they do this, it causes the people around them to relax, making them not feel the need to control the manifester. When the manifester does not follow this recommended strategy, as well as his inner authority, he may experience resistance from the outside world. This can create anger within the manifester. The Manifestor has a tremendous inner power, which can be activated quickly and shock other people - including the Manifestor himself.

Manifestors usually don't like being in groups, preferring to make their own decisions and do their own thing. Therefore, it is common that manifestors are either some kind of leader, or work for themselves. The Manifestor needs a lot of freedom, and finds it difficult for others to tell him what to do. They have a natural curiosity about things.

It is not unusual for the manifester to find it difficult to be himself in today's society. Often the person may have been reprimanded at a young age for not acting as one "should" do. This has the opposite effect, because when the manifestor is not allowed to be themselves, they can come across as bitter people. But it's just that they don't feel accepted in this world, and have a hard time being themselves, which creates great frustration. When manifestors are given space to be themselves, they are often very sensitive and present people.

The most important thing for you as a manifestor is that you always use your strategy and your inner authority when making decisions, and that you allow yourself to be who you are.


About 1% of the population are reflectors. In other words, this is a very rare, but also incredibly interesting type. Reflectors have all their centers open. If you look at a human design chart of a reflector, it is therefore completely white. The Reflector has an aura that both takes in and reflects over everyone else's aura constantly and constantly. Because their energy takes in everything and everyone's energy constantly, they gain a tremendous ability to see what is happening around them in a way that no other type can. It also means that they may have difficulty distinguishing between what is themselves and what are reflections from someone else. As an outsider, you can almost always find a reflection of yourself in a reflector, because it will reflect sides of you when you are around each other.

Reflector's recommended strategy is to wait an entire lunar cycle before making major decisions, i.e. 28 days. The beauty is that the reflector has an incredibly close relationship with the moon. All other types have some center to lean on in their decision-making, but since reflectors have all their centers wide open, these have nothing within them to lean on. But the moon is always there for the reflector and wants to help it - hence waiting a lunar cycle to make the decisions. In the meantime, it can be helpful to talk to others about the decisions and listen objectively to their feedback (important, however, that the decision ultimately comes from oneself). It can feel difficult in today's society to have to wait a full 28 days to make a decision. But it can be easier for the reflector to explain to people involved in the decision that he requires a lot of time and does not feel good about making hasty decisions.

Reflectors' greatest gift is their ability to read other people and their energies. It is important for them to find a safe environment with people they feel good around. As previously mentioned, the reflector reflects everyone in its vicinity, which means that it needs to be extra careful with those it has around it. If the other person is a happy and positive person, the reflector will be too. But if the other person is mean, grumpy and manipulative, the reflector will also reflect these qualities. It is in its nature.

With training, reflectors can distinguish between what is their own and what is someone else's. When the reflector learns to master this, he can find his true self. And when you as a reflector learn to master your human design, you can become one of the wisest and most objective people on this earth.

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