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How to raise your frequency through nature

Hur du höjer din frekvens via naturen

Nature has been a way for man to get in touch with himself and heal since time immemorial. Mother Earth contributes everything from water and herbs to energy and vitality via the elements. She is a living being who emits a very calm and safe energy, and who vibrates at an incredibly high and loving frequency. We humans can connect to the Earth's energy whenever we want to raise our own frequency and reconnect to the joy and love within us.

To raise your frequency with nature's help, here are three tips!

  1. Be open to taking in all impressions . Often it's easy to walk with music or something else in the headphones when we take walks, but instead try to just walk and observe everything as if you're seeing it for the first time. Notice how many different birds chirping you hear, how the waves sound when they hit land, how the wind rustles in the trees. By really looking at nature, we are transported to the present, and can connect with nature in a different way. When we are present, we can receive nature's energy and allow ourselves to be filled up by it.

  2. Spend time with your element . Each zodiac sign is ruled by one of the elements of nature - water, air, fire or earth. Spending time near one's most dominant element can calm and balance us, as well as raise our frequency. Therefore, it can be beneficial to be near water if you are, for example, a Scorpio. Leo feels good from being out in the sun a lot, while Taurus needs to spend time in the forest. If you have a lot of air in your horoscope, you can feel good about going to a place that is preferably located higher up, where there is a lot of space and the opportunity to breathe. You can also raise your frequency by filling up on the element you have the least of in your horoscope. For example, if you are dominated by fire and air, it can be beneficial to take a walk in the forest to ground yourself and replenish the element of earth.

  3. Take on nature . To really take part in the earth's frequency, it is great to physically touch it. By swimming in the ocean, holding a flower in your hand, or sitting barefoot on a rock, the connection between yourself and Mother Earth is strengthened, enabling us to raise our frequency even further. We have probably all felt how cleansing it can feel after swimming in the sea, or how calm we feel after a while in the forest. It is because in these moments we have absorbed some of the earth's energy, which has helped us to return to balance and joy. So the next time you find yourself outside - stop and smell a flower, put your hands against a tree or feel the water if you have the opportunity. It will help you replenish energy and raise your frequency even more!

Are you curious to learn more about the forces of nature? Then check out this article about the healing abilities of the forest.

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