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How to get to know your intuition

Hur du lär känna din intuition

The article is written by Kajsa Allvin, who works as a Soul Coach. Do you also want to write an article on our platform? Email us!

Intuition. What exactly is it and how does it work? How to use your intuition and above all why? You will find answers to this and much more in this article! You will also get to take part in some intuition exercises that you can use to get to know your intuition.

Intuition usually shows up when you least expect it, when the logical part of your brain is not fully active. Maybe during a nice forest walk, when you're standing in the shower or when you're doing something else you really enjoy. It can also come through when it is important that you become aware of a particular energy. Intuition is usually defined as the ability to achieve direct knowledge or cognition without apparent rational thought.

Intuition is messages that you receive from your guides, relatives on the other side and from the universe. It is not thoughts that are created BY you, but information that is conveyed TO you. Intuition, like everything else, is energy. That's why you can know your mom is going to call you even before she actually does. The energies she sends out reach you faster than telephone signals. This is also why you know that your friend is not feeling well already when you see her from afar. Her energies send it out. Then it is up to you whether you choose to listen to the information or not. It is also up to you whether you want to receive more information or not. This is where your training and your awareness of your intuition come into play. If you are not used to listening to your intuition and being observant of what it wants to convey, it will probably take some practice.

Get to know your intuition

Getting to know your intuition is one of the most important keys for you to really know how to interpret the signals and messages you receive, both from the universe and your guides, but also via tarot cards or during a confidential conversation with a friend. By getting to know your intuition, you will have a much easier time knowing what information you pick up from someone else, what information comes from deep within yourself, and what information is conveyed to you.

There are different ways that your intuition and your spiritual or mediumistic abilities can speak to you. Some of the most common are clairvoyance or clairaudience. In short, it means that one sees or hears the information that is conveyed to one. For example, by seeing images inside the head or hearing it as a story. Sometimes it's just quick pictures or short words and sometimes more information comes. This is very individual and that is also why it is important that you get to know how exactly YOUR intuition works.

The concepts of clairvoyance and claircognizance are not talked about much, and therefore we highlight them in this article. These types of intuitions mean that you either know the information or you simply just know.

Many who are just clairvoyant and clairvoyant don't know they are because the signals are often a little more subtle than seeing or hearing. You can of course have a combination of these, but it is probably one or possibly two ways that will come through most strongly for you. At least if you've recently started exploring the topic.

It is not unusual for people who are curious about their spirituality and mediumship to be disappointed because they do not feel that the messages come in such a clear way as they had expected. This often reflects that intuition is speaking in a way that they have not yet really learned to listen to.

There are many different exercises you can do to get in better touch with your intuition. Here it is important that you start with the exercises that you feel drawn to and that you start at a level that you are comfortable with. The exercises are not intended for you to "perform intuition", but rather for you to know what happens inside you when you have your intuition on.

Why should you get to know your intuition?

Intuition can be a tool for you to dare to listen to your inner voice and follow your own path forward. We are very easily influenced by our surroundings and many of the decisions we make are influenced by ideas about what we think we should or must do. Intuition can give you signals about when it is time to stop for a while and listen to what the body needs. It can also give you guidance on which path is right for you to take. Following your intuition can be a way to be more true to yourself and stand up for the needs you have right here and now.
Of course, there are also many who want to use their intuition to carry out various forms of sessions, for example intuitive guidance, healing or the like, but for the vast majority it is in everyday life that it is most helpful.

How do you get to know your intuition?

The first thing you need to do is to become aware of which of the above ways information comes to you, i.e. if you feel, see, hear or know. One way to find out is to try to be observant of your intuition in everyday situations.

Exercise #1 - Intuition in everyday life:

The next time you have a premonition about something, keep spinning on that thought or feeling. For example, it could be that you get the feeling that the car you meet will not turn even though it is flashing. Or that all of a sudden when you go to the store you get a craving for green apples even though you always buy red ones. It could also be that you suddenly get the feeling that you need to look at the children, to discover that they are about to fight if they continue with what they have planned. In the vast majority of cases, you will just dismiss the thought or feeling you had and go back to what you were doing. But what happens if you don't let it go? If you allow the thought or feeling to propagate in your body and actually continue to expand it instead of dismissing it? You need to do this exercise often for it to really produce results. The more you practice, the clearer it will become to you.
Here it is about that

  • Observe what happens
  • Not letting go, but letting the feeling propagate
  • Notice what happened in the body. How did you know?

Exercise #2 - Draw a Card:

The next exercise is about giving yourself a more concrete tool to explore your intuition. Although the information is actually always available, it is usually much easier to get hold of it if you use some kind of aid. In this exercise, you need to use a tarot deck, oracle deck, angel deck or similar.

1. Start by sitting somewhere where you feel you can have a moment to yourself without being disturbed. If it helps you, feel free to light a candle. Try not to have music, television or other things nearby that might disturb you, at least not at first.

2. Pick up your deck. Feel how it feels in your hand. What feeling do you get? What thoughts come to mind? Something else? Shuffle the deck until you feel complete. Then fan it out in front of you. There is no right or wrong here. Some people choose the first card they see. Others like to take a deep breath, perhaps close their eyes, run their hand slowly over the cards and then choose the card they are drawn to. Others shuffle the deck until one or a few cards "jump" out of the deck. Do what feels best for you!

3. Now look at your card. What thoughts and feelings come to you? What information does the card want to convey to you? Take one detail at a time, don't try to tackle the whole card at once. It is very positive if you say out loud what you get, it means that your intuition moves on to the next step. Again, there is no right or wrong here, it's about listening to the information you're given. Almost all tarot or oracle card decks come with a guidebook that describes what the different cards represent. You should put this aside and not look at it when you carry out these exercises. It is your intuition that tells you what the card wants to convey, not the printed book.

4. When you feel finished with the card, put it aside. Before you finish, take a moment and think about how the information came to you. In what way were the messages from the cards conveyed? How did it feel in the body? Where was it felt? Write these down so you remember. This is a clue to your intuition.

Exercise #3 - Trust Your Intuition:

Now you have hopefully become a little more familiar with your intuition and know a little about how it speaks to you. So what happens if you actually start to trust it and take action with the messages you receive? This is what the next exercise is all about, which is to go from having an intuition or feeling about something and then actually acting on it.

Say, for example, that you get the feeling that you need to take a different route home from work today than you usually do. You have learned a bit about how your intuition speaks to you and it feels like this could actually be a message and not just "a crazy thought" that change is satisfying. You choose to take a detour home.
What happened? Besides you were able to avoid the traffic jam that caused you to take that detour, which is positive in itself, but right where you are now, something even more important happened. You confirmed yourself, your feelings and your intuition! This will lead to the next time you get the same feeling in your body, you will be more sure that it is actually your intuition and not just a whimsical thought. It will also lead to you becoming more confident in yourself and daring to trust yourself and the information you carry more.

About Kajsa Allvin
I work as a soul coach at Humbleme and offer various readings and distance courses where I give you the opportunity to lift up your feelings and thoughts so that together we can embrace and purify them, both physically and emotionally.

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