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How to raise your vibration and increase your self love

Hur du höjer din vibration och ökar din self love

The article is written by Jessica Berggren who runs the Instagram account practicewithjess . Do you also want to write an article on our platform? Email us!

Vibration and frequencies are something that affects us without us thinking about it. Everything is energy and when we actively choose to work with that energy, vibration and frequency, it helps us in our development. By raising our vibration we also have the opportunity to manifest our highest dreams and live in alignment with our true nature. Read more about how energies affect us here .

Three tips on self love practices that raise your vibration

Shifting your focus and raising your vibration doesn't have to be complicated. Only with the help of the power of thought and your intuition can you raise your frequency! Here I list my three best practices on how you can raise your vibration and increase your self love.

1. Do something for yourself

Prioritizing yourself is an important key to raising your vibration. It is not an egoistic act but it is about replenishing yourself with new energy. It's about discovering your own energy and flowing with it. When we are filled with energy and recovery, we also have the opportunity to give energy to others! We cannot give from a half-full cup, it instead takes energy and lowers the vibration.


Choose at least one thing per day that you do for yourself. It doesn't have to be anything big. Without a conscious choice where you choose what you do for yourself. It can be anything from having a hot cup of tea to listening to your absolute favorite song!

2. Gratitude

The feeling of gratitude is a high frequency feeling and helps us raise our vibrations. Gratitude also helps us stop and become aware of what we have in our life right now. With the help of gratitude, we can also increase our self love.


Write down three things that you are grateful that you have done for yourself, or that you are grateful that you have in life.

3. Affirmations

Affirmations are positively charged sentences that can help increase our self-esteem and self-love. By repeating affirmations daily, we boost ourselves with a positive feeling and which will gradually reprogram negative, self-critical thoughts, into positive and loving thoughts!


Choose at least one affirmation and repeat that affirmation to yourself several times a day. You can choose to write it down in your phone so you get a daily reminder.

Bonus tip!

Create a playlist on Spotify where you collect your most peppy songs that make you happy. If you're feeling down one day, you can lift your vibe just by playing your playlist!

About Jessica Berggren

I run the account practicewithjess where I advise on different ways to raise your vibration. I share journal prompts, practices and other high vibe reminders that you can use to raise your frequency .

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