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How does the law of attraction work?

Hur funkar attraktionslagen?

The Law of Attraction is one of the universe's most important 'laws'/principles. With the help of the law of attraction, it is said that you get exactly the life you desire. It is easy to think that there is a specific method that is used when working with the law of attraction, but the fact is that we all use it all the time. It is inevitable. What is important to learn is how to use it to your advantage.

What is the law of attraction?

Let's go over the basics first. What exactly is the law of attraction? As previously mentioned, the law of attraction is one of the laws of the universe, which means that it is inevitable and that just about anyone can make use of it. In fact, just about everyone uses it, even if it's not on purpose. It is a principle that overall means that what you think about is what you get back, regardless of whether it is positive or negative. Learning to master the law of attraction is thus a very powerful tool for achieving one's dreams and goals. Anyone can learn to use the law of attraction to their advantage, and in this article you will find out how you can do it.

How does the law of attraction work?

Everything consists of energies (and we really mean everything). Your body, your soul, your feelings, your clothes, trees, flowers, furniture... And not least your thoughts. All energies have different frequencies, and which frequency something has can often be determined purely intuitively. We can draw the parallel to music. When you listen to a sad song, this often creates a feeling of sadness inside, you yourself end up on the same frequency as this song. When, on the other hand, you listen to a peppy song with happy notes, you probably become more peppy yourself. It's because you match with that frequency. Energies that are on the same frequency thus attract each other, like magnets.

Imagine when you wake up in the morning. Maybe when you wake up from the alarm you are super tired and snooze for half an hour too long, then you spill breakfast on your white shirt and to top it all off, you see the bus drive away just as you reach the bus stop. A series of negative events follow each other and when you sink into the sofa in the evening you think "what a crappy day". It is because you have attracted these events, because you already woke up in the morning on a low frequency.

On the contrary, imagine that you wake up rested, maybe you even got to sleep until you wake up on your own. The sun is shining through the window, you have plenty of time. You might have time to meditate in the morning and eat breakfast in peace and quiet. That night you probably fall asleep with a smile on your face. This also happens because you were already on a high frequency when you opened your eyes. You have attracted positive things that are made up of the same energies as your own frequency. This is how the law of attraction also works.

The most important thing when working with the law of attraction is how you feel inside. If you are filled with love, that is exactly what you will get back, if you are filled with fear, you will get fear back. Something that can be good to keep in mind, however, is that a bad thought does not automatically attract what you think about. It's about a continuity of thought, and you need to think a lot about something for it to be attracted into your life. So be vigilant if you start thinking in negative ways, because then it is important to break the thought and instead direct your focus to something you actually want to attract.

How do I use the law of attraction?

A common misinterpretation is that you only need to think a lot about what you want, and then you will get it. That's partly true, but not entirely. Instead of convincing your ego, you need to focus on convincing your subconscious. "You become what you think" is a common expression that really rings true. If you genuinely believe that you are a bad driver, you will be a bad driver. But that doesn't mean it's true.

Therefore, it is important to work on breaking these negative thought patterns you have about yourself. Striving towards always having a positive mindset is an important foundation stone for reaching your goals in the long run, and not least for using the law of attraction to your advantage. You can always choose what you think about, it's just a matter of learning to notice when the negative thought pattern arises, and then deflect it. Preferably by thinking of something you want to attract when you work with the law of attraction.

Before you start working actively with the law of attraction, it can be good to sit down and really think about what it is you want. What does your dream life look like? What do you want? Imagine that anything is possible, and don't hold back for fear that it won't work out. Write down your dreams and send your wish out into the universe. Really focus on what you want, and not what you don't want. The universe does not understand the word "not" and the risk is that you attract the wrong things.

When you place your order, you have to believe that what you wanted will come to you. Keep believing, even if your desires are delayed. Everything has its time, and if you don't get it right away, it may be because you are not ready yet. During this step, it is important that you continue to work with your positive thinking and do the work yourself. Jump at any opportunity that comes your way that can get you where you want to go. Work towards your goals. Think of it as the law of attraction is a very powerful tool that facilitates your path to the goal, but which also needs to be combined with active actions. One day you will have your wishes come true, and then there you are - ready to celebrate!

3 tips for how you can work with the law of attraction

1. Visualize

Take a few minutes a day to really visualize what you want. Go somewhere you feel calm and where you can be alone, and close your eyes. See yourself when you are where you want to be. What clothes are you wearing? How are you as a person? What feelings do you have in your body? Who are around you? What smells do you smell? Visualize it in as much detail as possible, feel the sensations in your body as if you already have it.

2. Write a diary

Writing is useful in many aspects, not least when you leave your desire to the universe. Write down what you want, preferably in a form as if you already have it. "I am so grateful that I ..." or "I am so proud of myself for succeeding in ...". This is because writing something in "I want" or "I wish" form reminds you that you don't have it, which can have a negative connotation. Feel free to add a feeling to your wish. It would e.g. be able to look like this: “I am so proud of myself that I managed to get my dream job. I love going to work every day and it fills my days with so much happiness”. A popular technique is the 3-6-9 method, which involves writing down your wish (in the same form as previously mentioned) three times in the morning, six times in the middle of the day, and nine times before going to bed. You then do this for 33 days.

3. Make a vision board

Bring out your creativity and create a vision board with images and quotes that remind you of where you are going. Look for images that inspire you and that symbolize your dreams. Set up your vision board clearly in a place where you are often, for example on the wall above your desk. In this way, you are forced to think about what you want, which helps you to use the law of attraction in the right way.

Good luck attracting your dreams!

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