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How do crystals work?

Så funkar kristaller

Humans have used crystals throughout the ages, both as jewelry and for their healing properties. But how do crystals actually work?

Crystals are part of the earth, and arose in connection with the creation of the planet. Crystals are energies that contain vibrations, just like everything else on this earth. Everything vibrates at different frequencies , i.e. some things vibrate at a very low frequency and other things vibrate at a very high frequency. You can compare it with your thoughts. When you think positively and feel good, you vibrate at a high frequency, and when you think negatively and feel bad, you vibrate at a low frequency. Crystals have a high vibration. Some crystals even vibrate so high that they can open up the chakras that communicate with other dimensions.

When you surround yourself with things that have a high vibration, it helps you get on the same frequency yourself. You can say that the crystal "contagiously rubs off" on you with its high vibrations. When you yourself are on a high vibration, you get better well-being, and you get much better conditions to end up in line with your highest path. The crystals have their individual properties and can help us with whatever we need in life. There are crystals that energize, relieve migraines, boost us in our careers, ground us, strengthen our spirituality, create balance between our feminine and masculine energy and so on. The list goes on. What is important to consider is to treat the crystals in the right way so that it can fully support you with its properties.

How do I take care of my crystals?

Crystals need to be cleaned periodically. Always cleanse your crystal when you have just bought/received it, when it has been worn by someone else and after you have performed healing with the crystal. This is because crystals have an ability to attract excess and negative energies to you (to protect you from them). It is also a good idea to protect the crystals when you are not using them, for example by putting them in a cloth bag or wrapping them in silk cloth. However, keep in mind that crystals that sit in clusters should be stored separately, as they can easily break if struck against other crystals. You can store tumbled stones together.

How do I cleanse my crystals?

Most tumbled crystals can be held under running water or placed in salt water. Direct your focus to the crystal and imagine that all negativity is washed away with the water. You can also cleanse the crystal with sage or incense. Place your crystals on the windowsill or outside overnight to charge under the moonlight. You can also put them in the sun, but then under supervision so they don't fade.

Some crystals purify themselves, and then you don't have to think about the purification. Examples of these are citrine, kyanite and azeztulit. There are also crystals that purify other crystals, such as carnelian and clear quartz. If you put one of these crystals together with your other crystals, it will purify the crystals that accompany it. After you have cleansed the crystal, we recommend that you meditate with it, so you really get in tune with the crystal's vibration.

How do I choose the right crystal?

How you choose your crystal is entirely up to you and what feels good. But there are two ways that we like that we suggest here.

Choose crystal based on what you need

Know which areas in your life you need support with. Do you suffer from a lot of anxiety? Depression? Or do you perhaps have more physical problems such as migraines or stomach problems? You may want to manifest your dream job and want a crystal to help you with that. Or you need to boost your creativity. There are crystals that support most things, so feel what you need and choose a crystal accordingly. In most crystal shops, you can get help from the staff to find a crystal with the properties you are looking for. There are also books that go deeper into different crystals and their properties that can be a good support when you are looking for the right crystal.

Choose crystal by intuition

Your intuition is your most powerful tool. Look around a store and choose the crystal you are drawn to. If you are in a physical store, you can walk around and feel the crystals. Place a crystal you are drawn to in your hand and feel. If it's the right crystal, it can almost feel like it's getting warm in your hand or even vibrates. It can be quite fun to go around and feel different crystals - usually you realize that the crystal you are drawn to actually possesses properties you need.

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