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How does manifestation work?

Hur man lär sig manifestera det man vill ha

Manifestation is what we use to attract what we desire into our life. It's about programming your subconscious to the point that it is convinced that what we want is what we will get. This can be difficult because in many cases it requires a lot of work, especially when our subconscious is marked by things from earlier in life that did not have a positive impact on us. It's common to think that manifesting is about thinking positive thoughts, but since we manifest with our subconscious, that's often not enough. Often a reprogramming of deeply ingrained thought patterns in our subconscious is required.

Two different consciousnesses

People usually talk about there being two different consciousnesses - the conscious and the subconscious. In order for us to understand how to manifest, we must first go through the two different concepts.

Our conscious

In the conscious there are the impressions, thoughts and senses that we are aware of right now. In the conscious there is, among other things, our ego, which constantly feeds us with information from the outside world. It is a very small part of our brain that is made up of the conscious, and while it is important to really try to pay attention to our thoughts here and now, this is not where the magic happens when we talk about manifestation. Important to note, however, is to pay attention to what you think, because the ego has a habit of giving us false truths about ourselves that can in the long run negatively affect the subconscious.

Our subconscious

The conscious mind is usually covered by approximately 5% of the brain's capacity, the other 95% is therefore our subconscious. It puts some perspective on how powerful our subconscious actually is. Everything you've ever been involved in (mostly from childhood) is stored here. All memories, feelings, situations are here - even if your conscious mind doesn't remember them. These things leave a mark on how you act today in different situations. Unlike the conscious, which manifests itself as a voice in our head, the subconscious has no verbal language. Instead, it communicates through dreams, feelings and how you act in different situations. Often you may think that you are acting according to your conscious mind, but the fact is that the subconscious mind reacts at lightning speed and tells your conscious mind how to act.

As previously mentioned, it is mostly childhood that programs the subconscious. So if you had a good childhood where you were not involved in any specific traumas or negative experiences, you probably have a good subconscious that works in your favor. If, on the other hand, you have been through tough things and experienced trauma, you may need to put a lot of effort into reprogramming your subconscious. It's important to remember that a trauma doesn't have to be something huge that left a deep mark, but it could be that a person close to you (doesn't have to be a family member) did something at some point that left a deep mark on you, even if you didn't remember it today. So you may think that you had a good upbringing but still feel that you need to work on your subconscious, but that is because things may have happened that are "small" but that you experienced as difficult in the moment. It could also be things that didn't happen. This means that, for example, you did not receive enough love, tenderness or consideration. The beauty is that anyone can reprogram their subconscious, and that is the most important component when we talk about manifestation. Once you succeed in telling your subconscious about something, it will do everything in its power to make it happen. Because then it is your truth.

How do you reprogram your subconscious?

To truly manifest the great things in life requires us to go deeper and look at programmed beliefs that we have taken on during our lives. Namely, it is the subconscious that controls what you attract into your life, and everything you attract is on the frequency that your self-worth is on. By making visible old, limiting patterns we have received through, for example, parents, society, trauma, etc., we can also begin the work of dissolving them.

It can feel difficult to find the factors that marked one's subconscious, especially if they happened when you were very young and you don't have a clear memory of it, and of course it is not possible to get something that happened undone or forgotten. A good first step can be to try to become aware of your behaviors, thoughts and feelings. Why do you think you act the way you do in certain contexts? Why do you think you take offense when someone does this or that? Note, evaluate and change.

As I said, the subconscious does not communicate with words, which can make it difficult to know what is actually there. It communicates through dreams, feelings and your behaviors. Therefore, these are the things you should pay attention to in order to get into your own subconscious. Meditation, for example, is a very good method to reach your subconscious. Then you actively suppress your conscious self and reach into your subconscious. Often it communicates with you during meditation through feelings and inner images. Pay attention to what comes to you and place no value on it. Another method could be to write a dream diary. Place a writing pad with a pen next to the desk and write down your dreams immediately when you wake up (important that you do it as quickly as possible, because dreams fade quickly).

Thus, there are several ways to reach one's subconscious, and when we do, we can begin the reprogramming. Put your conscious mind aside and listen inwardly. It is through this process that we can program a new, higher self-worth that allows us to redesign our life. As you begin to unravel old patterns and knots in your life, your self-worth will develop, your frequency will increase, and because what you attract is based on your subconscious perception of yourself, you will gain a whole new vision of what you deserving and attracting opportunities you previously didn't think were possible (spoiler: this is when life becomes truly magical).

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