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The womb - a source of wisdom and creativity

Livmodern - en källa till visdom och kreativitet

The article is written by Jenny Linnea Rosenberg who works as a Womb Healer. Do you want to write an article on our platform? Email us !

In the bowl between our hips she lives. The uterus. The ancient goddess who both gives life but also knows when it is time for things to die. The power and creativity is there, in the deep waters of our second chakra.

In this text I will talk about the womb and her power. You don't have to have a physical womb to work with this power within yourself. We are all part of the great cosmic womb and her power is forever within us. It's just time to start listening inward and rediscover her. This is where physical life once begins for all of us. Deep in the darkness of the womb sprouted the new body that became yours. All memories from mothers and ancestors imprinted in your very DNA. All previous lifelines in your cells. It was in the darkness of the womb that you were formed into who you are today.

What is uterine power?

We women carry in our wombs the memory of creation itself. The womb is a place of power where creation takes place, she has the ability to provide space for an entire human creation but she is also the source of all our own creative creation in life. If you feel it, you can probably remember when you got into a creative flow and how it felt when time and space disappeared. There were no disturbing thoughts, but you were completely in sync with yourself and your power and what you did felt absolutely right. Maybe this feeling disappeared when you started to think about what you just did and review your own creation and your own dreams. For our brain, although it is amazing, has a tendency to overanalyze and put sticks in the wheel of the seeds we want to sow. But our womb, she knows. She knows what you need to live your highest best life. This is where your dreams are created and take shape and if she is heard, she will guide you to exactly what you need to feel whole. An awakened and alive womb force helps us listen to our own needs, helps us set boundaries and keeps the juices of life flowing so that we have the opportunity to enjoy. And it is from the enjoyment and joy that we can so that the seeds we desire will germinate and grow. She is our anchor both down in mother earth but also up through the heart and head, up into the heights of the universe. She is the very life force within us.

Why do we not have a living contact with this source of power?

In our time and in our culture, we rarely talk about our womb other than as a place where children are made or a place that is a nuisance and causes pain. Menstruation is seen by many as a necessary evil that one would prefer to avoid.

So many women I meet say that they feel cut off from themselves, that they have difficulty knowing what they want, what they feel. Many think they have lost the very desire for pleasure in life, lost their sex drive, their creativity or perhaps never even really discovered it. By stripping women of their connection to their own source of power, shaming our bleeding and blaming sexuality, over the centuries we have drifted far away from our inner power.
For me, the womb is the place of the Goddess within me. It is through the womb that she speaks. I can tell right away if something is true by the way she pulls herself together and answers my questions.

Heavy energy can be stored in the womb

In our womb we carry codes from our mothers. The trauma of generations can be stuck there, but also what we ourselves have experienced during our lives. Old relationships and sexual encounters that may not have felt right in the heart. Children we had. Children we didn't have. Feelings of going against one's own will and desire. Difficulty setting boundaries. Shame about sexuality and the body. Heartaches. All these feelings hide in the womb and can cause us to carry a lot of heavy energy that prevents us from living and creating our lives in the way we actually desire and dream of.

The wise voice within us

Working with your womb power is making conscious contact with your inner power place. To clean away any old debris that might be there. Free up space and space for new seeds to be planted and germinate.

Because it is in the womb that we create the life we ​​want to live. We carry the power of creation within us. She is the Goddess to me. For a long time we have lived disconnected from the energy of the feminine force. But she is now waking up more and more often and we feel the call and want to answer.
It is in the womb that wisdom from time immemorial resides. There lives the playful, the boundary-setting, the wild. There live the seductress, the mad, the loving and the wise. There resides the power that shows us both the mysteries of life and death and how life is eternally cyclical.

Connecting with my uterus has been life changing for me in so many ways. My guide in that work was Ania Munay , she became my midwife in that work and the gratitude is great.
Because we often need a midwife with us when we bring forth the parts of ourselves that have lain in oblivion.
I warmly recommend reading her books "The Red Earth" and "Shadow Dance".

So, what can you do yourself to start making a connection with your womb?

1. Honor your blood

Your lunar blood is powerful and sacred. It helps you clear out heavy energy that you may have accumulated. You can bleed consciously by being clear about what it is you are actually bleeding out. For example, if you have ended a relationship, you can deliberately bleed it out. Give thanks for your blood and honor it by offering it to the earth. You can put some blood under a tree or in a potted plant. When you pay attention to your blood and feel the power in it, you also pay attention to you and YOUR power. You give love to the Goddess in you.

2. "Talk" to your uterus

When you meditate, you can actively connect with your womb. Do this by e.g. placing one hand on the heart and one on the uterus and breathing deeply into the uterus and keeping focus on that part of you. I usually imagine that I have an umbilical cord that goes from my womb down into the earth and through it I share power with mother earth. We give and we take from each other. As you do this exercise, you can feel your uterus respond and begin to move. How it feels is different for everyone but you won't be mistaken. When you feel her respond, thank her for being there, for being with you. Do this type of exercise often and you will notice that you feel her in your everyday life. You get to know what is true and good for you by her moving and showing you, this is what I think people call "gut feeling".

3. Steam the snipe/"squat bath"

Squatting is an ancient medicine used by women. There are many who are working to teach this ancient custom and I would highly recommend all women to steam their genitals at regular intervals. Bringing attention to this part of yourself, allowing the warm herbal vapors to reach into the womb and seeing what is awakening within yourself is a wonderfully gentle way to connect with yourself.

4. Your voice

Your voice and speech have a strong connection to your womb. If you have ever looked at our vocal cords and compared them to our uterus, you know that they are incredibly similar. Perhaps you feel that there are blockages in your throat chakra and that you have difficulty standing up for what you feel and what you want. That it is uncomfortable to make your voice heard. One exercise you can do is to allow yourself to make sounds. When you sit in meditation and make contact with your womb, you can relax your jaws and see what sounds want to come. The voice of the womb comes from deep within and is entirely yours. It does not come from the throat but allows you to make sounds that start deep within you. It can be sighing, wailing, screaming and roaring, crying, moaning, laughing and singing. When you let go of your mind, these sounds can flow freely, helping you to dissolve tension that may be sitting in both the womb and the throat.

5. Womb Healing

You can also work actively with your womb together with a healer or shaman. Treatments may look different but in common is to create a connection to your own power and help you let go of old beliefs, traumas and patterns that you have stored within you.

A source of joy and trust

Regardless of how you choose to approach your own feminine power, I highly recommend all women, with or without a physical womb, to begin honoring this part of themselves. I would wish all women an awakened womb power.
Because it gives access to your own strength.
Your own truth
Your own creation
And a trust and joy when you know that you are in eternal contact with creation and that it is in you that creation takes place. Every second.

About Jenny Linnea Rosenberg
Priestess, Womb Healer and Spiritual Guide.
I work with clients in sessions but also hold circles, ceremonies and classes. I am passionate about reawakening the feminine power both in myself but also helping others with this.
Instagram: @adaughterofbears

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