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Manifest More - 8 Steps That Can Change Your Life

Manifestation - manifestera

Everyone has at one time or another dreamed of what it would be like to meet their soulmate, to win a lottery, travel to all corners of the earth or perhaps something as simple as being able to have the forest as a neighbor. Whatever you dream about is not "random". Your soul knows what it longs for and what it is worth. What would you say if you were offered an approach to summoning your soul's desire in eight simple steps? Before you get access to an effective manifestation method, I want to give you the background on how manifestations work.

The law of attraction and vibrations

In quantum physics, it has been possible to prove that like vibration is attracted to each other - Like attracts like, in other words. Things, people and situations that vibrate on the same wavelength will thus be attracted to each other. The law of attraction, which is a universal law, precisely describes that like attracts like. One therefore talks about the law of attraction when it comes to manifesting.

There is a debate about whether Einstein said “Everything is energy and that's all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics”. Regardless of the quote's author or woman, this is exactly how it works to manifest.

How do you create equal vibration of what you want to manifest?

The equation is simple - Thoughts lead to emotions, which are an attractive force, resulting in attracting the essence of that vibration into the 3D world.

It all begins, cliché enough, with listening inwardly and becoming aware of your thoughts. But what is a thought? To put it briefly, it is a chemical reaction between the nerve cells that occurs when you register your surroundings via your five senses - taste, hearing, sight, smell and touch.

You think several thousand conscious and subconscious thoughts daily. If you were to distribute the thoughts as a percentage, the distribution would be around five percent conscious and 95 percent subconscious thoughts. Another important factor to know is that you manifest all the time, every day, but mostly through your programming in your subconscious. It is therefore incredibly important that you choose to use your conscious thoughts to manifest and create the life you have always dreamed of.

In addition to your thoughts, the equation also contains an important component - Emotions . Your thoughts create emotions, and emotions are an attractive force. Thoughts that give rise to negative emotions are what we call "low vibe" and thoughts that give rise to positive emotions are what we call "high vibe".

The law of attraction will thus give you the essence of the emotions you send out. It results in attracting people, things and situations into your reality that match your vibration.

Note that the thoughts you have are neutral, but what you associate with them is what creates a feeling. Therefore, for example, money can create a positive feeling for someone but a negative feeling for another.

8 steps that can change your life

The steps presented below are an exercise in using your imagination. Your five senses are what you see outside of you while your imagination is what you can create within. Your soul has lived many lives and knows what it longs for. Your imagination is therefore your strongest tool to access what will make your soul dance again.

1. Right when you wake up and/or right before you go to sleep, when your brain waves can more easily oscillate between the alpha to theta stage and you are most susceptible to reprogramming your subconscious, you should sit up in bed. (If you lie down, you will probably fall asleep.

2. Close your eyes and take three slow, deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. Feel how the body gets heavier with each breath.

3. Focus on your heart, just as you can shift focus from "marking" your hand, you can focus on the area of ​​your heart. Take a few more deep breaths and feel how it feels. If you experience a heaviness, breathe through it until it eases.

4. When you are ready, begin to imagine waking up in your desired reality. How does the bed you lie in feel? What does your bedroom look like? Are the sun's rays warming your skin? Bring in all the beauty you create in your imagination.

5. Now imagine standing up and walking towards the nearest mirror. The person you see is you, but the best version of you. Well, how do you look? What are you wearing? How does your body feel? What is different about you compared to now?

6. Continue to use your imagination and piece together what you do on a typical day. Take your time. How do you spend your morning, day, evening? What are you eating? Which people are with you? What emotions do you feel during the day? Note that the more times you do the exercise, the more details you will create. The details, in turn, provide a stronger connection to one or more emotions. Remember, it is from your emotions that you create an attractive force.

7. While closing your eyes, set the intention that you will live as your best version every day. Your intention will not only enable you to pluck this opportunity from the quantum field into your 3D reality, but your intention will also create momentum. It can, for example, show itself in relationships ending and things breaking to make room, purely energetically, for the new thing you want to call in.

8. When you're ready, you can open your eyes, get out of bed and start your day just like the best version of you.

This visualization exercise is a powerful tool that enables the use of the imagination.

In conclusion, there is no doubt a quote from Einstein “Imagination is everything. It is a foretaste of life to come. Imagination is more important than knowledge.

The article is written by Sara Fjordland. Do you also want to write an article for our platform? Email us!

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"My mission is to make people realize their enormous potential that exists beyond the paradigm we have been programmed with. Spirituality for me is about being able to consciously reprogram beliefs, assumptions, behaviors, habits and expectations you have of yourself, other people and the outside world to get in touch with one's true self. It is through my work with manifestations, mindset and the subconscious that I get to express my spirituality." - Sara Fjordland

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