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How to calculate your numerology numbers

Hur du räknar ut dina numerologiska tal

Have you ever had a lucky number? A number that you feel extra drawn to and that gives you confirmation when you see it? Perhaps you have liked different numbers at different periods of your life, or you have a specific number that has always meant something extra to you. Why numbers can play such a big role in our lives is because everything in the universe vibrates at a specific frequency, and so do numbers and numbers. Certain numbers vibrate in harmony with your own frequency, and therefore may appear more often in your everyday life than others. The different speeches also carry different types of information, much like different notes carry different sounds and make the listener feel in different ways. Number 5, for example, carries a certain energy and therefore a certain type of information, while, for example, number 11 carries another.

It is this way of thinking that is the basis of numerology, which is a widespread theory of how numbers, numbers and numbers affect us and our lives. It may sound abstract, but the fact is that there is a lot of wisdom to be gained from this theory, and if you open your eyes, you soon discover that we are actually surrounded by numbers all the time.

Your birthday, for example, holds specific information about you and who you are as a person. By looking at your date of birth, just like in astrology, you can get a map of your character traits and gain important insights about yourself.

Your life path number

The first important number to consider in numerology is your life path number. This number can be compared to your sun sign in astrology, showing you your greatest strengths, weaknesses, talents and ambitions. The life path story also shows you which path you will take in life. It tells you in which direction it will go, and what opportunities and challenges you may face. To calculate your life path number, all you need to do is add up the numbers from your date of birth. We say that someone was born on May 5th, 1995, and to calculate this person's life path number, we do the following:

The day of birth is added with the month of birth (5+5=10) Then we reduce 10 (1+0=1).

Then we break down the year (1+9+9+5=24. 2+4=6).

Then we add 6+1=7.

So this person has a life path number of 7.

Your soul urge number

After identifying your life path number, you can move on to discovering your soul number. If your life path number equates to the sun sign in astrology, your soul number equates to the moon sign. Your soul speech tells you who you are deep down, the side of you that not everyone gets to see, but is always there. This speech reveals your deepest desires, what you desire and dream about, as well as your fears and what motivates you on a deep spiritual level. It can thus be said that one's soul speech is the guiding force behind what your soul has come here to experience in this lifetime.

To calculate your soul number, you use the letters of your full name given at birth, but as this is a relatively complicated process, we recommend that you use either this or this site to find your soul number.

Your Expression Number (Expression Number)

The third component of your numerology chart is called your expression number. This number tells you what your unique talents are and what you have to offer the world. It also holds information about your inherent gifts and skills. At the same time, it also tells about your personal shortcomings and potential challenges in your life. Because of this, your expression number can provide valuable insights into which parts of yourself may eventually become your greatest strengths! With that said, your expression number can be said to be like a blueprint of your potential. The expression number can also be called a destiny number.

Just like with the soul speech, it can be a bit tricky to figure out your expression number, so we again suggest that you use one of the links above.

Your birthday number

The day you were born also has a lot to do with who you are as a person, and unlike the other numbers in your numerology chart, you don't have to reduce the numbers to a single number, the date you were born is simply your birthday number. In other words, you can have a birthday number between 1-31. This number shows you what gifts you have been given in life, and how you can use them on your life path.

Your personality number

This number is the last of the five numbers that make up the biggest parts of your personality. The personality number can be compared to the ascendant in astrology, and is thus the side of yourself that you choose to portray to the world. This number can tell you how others perceive you, and what first impression you send out to the world. Your personality number is calculated by adding up all the consonants in your name, but since this can be a little time-consuming, we recommend that you google, for example, "How to calculate my personality number".

Your personal year

Each person also has a personal speech for each year that influences the tone of the year in question, and shows which themes will be important during that year. To calculate which number rules this year for you, proceed as follows:

Say you were born on August 6th. Then you first add up your birthday and your month:

6+8=14. Then we reduce 14 (1+4=5)

Now we add 5 to the current year, which in this case is 2021. So

5+2+0+2+1=10. 10 can be reduced to 1.

This person's personal year number is therefore 1.

The only time you don't reduce numbers to a single digit is when you get 11 or 22, which are so-called master numbers.

Numerology can make you see yourself with new eyes

Overall, numerology is a fantastic tool to understand more about yourself and your life here on earth. Like astrology, it can help us gain insights into why we act the way we do, and what drives us forward. Numerology is a very developed and exciting theory that points out that numbers and numbers have as much influence as anything else in our lives, and that by paying attention to all the numbers that surround us, we can develop as people.



Jättebra info och länk! Undrar samma sak som personen ovan :)

Läs gärna mitt blogginlägg med beskrivning om vad siffrornas energier symboliserar 🥰


Så bra text! Har ni tips på någon sida som beskriver de olika energierna för de olika siffrorna man räknar fram i de olika “kategorierna”?:)

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