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How to live an anti-inflammatory lifestyle

antiinflammatorisk livsstil

A key to giving the body and mind the right conditions for well-being, self-healing and balance can be, among other things, living an anti-inflammatory lifestyle. Today, many people live with stomach problems, menstrual cramps, brain fog and a large amount of everyday stress. These factors may be reasons why more and more people choose to heal body and mind through anti-inflammatory lifestyle.

Inflammation | It's about your lifestyle
With an anti-inflammatory lifestyle, it is the chronic inflammation in the body that we want to reduce. Inflammation is a condition that is completely natural and vital for our survival and occurs, among other things, when we get a wound. When, on the other hand, long-term chronic inflammation occurs in the body, problems can arise.
What creates chronic inflammation? Here are some examples:

  • Imbalanced intestinal flora
  • Prolonged stress
  • Unbalanced blood sugar
  • Chemicals and poisons
A combination of the above is often the cause of inflammation and it is about a lifestyle change.
Symptoms of inflammation in the body can vary and be different for each individual. Common problems with chronic inflammation include:
  • Depression
  • Skin problems
  • Joint pain
  • Fatigue and sleep problems
  • Autoimmune diseases
3 tips for an anti-inflammatory lifestyle
Now to the most important thing. You are not at the mercy of feeling bad, you deserve to feel good and you can take control of your health. To reduce and prevent inflammation in the body, here are my 3 best tips:
  • Get to know your breath
  • Give your body clean and nutritious food
  • Review poisons in your environment

Read more about each tip below.

Get to know your breath
Your lungs are one of the body's excretory organs and with your breathing you can support the body's cleansing and reduce inflammation. Your breath is one of the most important tools to come back to. Breathing balances your energies, carries your life energy and helps you detoxify the body.
The breath is also important in terms of your regulation and handling of stress. Stress prevents your body from healing and triggers inflammation. Through the breath, you can activate your parasympathetic nervous system which allows your body's functions to function as they should. In case of stress, the body shuts down functions and limits the oxygen supply to organs that are not necessary for escape.

Breathing exercise:

  • Lie on your back and feel the support in your torso from your support.
  • Now breathe in through the nose and let the belly expand first, the chest last.
  • Exhale and let the chest drop first, then the stomach.
  • Repeat for 15 minutes.

Clean and nutritious food
There are far too many different guidelines when it comes to diets and I don't want to come up with more pointers. From my experience, I have realized that methods can work for certain periods. It can help you with self-healing, purification and balance. Eventually, however, you may reach a point where your body needs something else, more or less of different foods. Nothing is forever, we change and we are all different.
This has led me to believe that you have to listen to your body. What does it say? No two paths are the same and we may need to eat differently to support the body in self-healing. Something that I, however, stick to is that what you feed your body with should be as pure and whole food as you can find, without additives. Whole, pure organic ingredients are the best foods.
I have tried many different diets but I do not follow any diet. I get information and inspiration from different places, test and feel what works in my body. I like to eat vegan or vegetarian food several days a week, but I also choose to eat organic and Krav-marked meat, poultry and fish. My basis, however, is always organic vegetables, which I build up with complete protein, good fats and slow carbohydrates.
It's really about eating the food that humans have eaten for most of their time on earth, because it's the food that our bodies have learned to take care of and function from. That food can heal our bodies from today's lifestyle diseases. So let food be your medicine.

Poisons in your environment
This is something that I see many people don't think about. Are you aware of toxins in your environment such as hygiene products, plastics and textiles? For example, a woman uses an average of 10-12 skin care products every day. The body must also take care of all these products that you have on your skin. Have you thought about it?
Many hygiene articles contain substances that, among other things, are hormone-disrupting and allergenic, which trigger inflammation. When chemicals from several different products are mixed, we don't really know how this compote affects the body. It is therefore important to be aware of what you choose to put on your skin.
To help your body get rid of these substances, a cleansing is needed at the cellular level. This is best done through lifestyle changes and supportive supplements and regimens. Among other things, you can help the body with purification by adding liposomal form of glutathione and vitamin c. However, it is important to first look at the general condition of each individual and take one step at a time so that the body can handle a cleansing.

An important reminder of love
Remember that everything is a whole and a balance. Stressing that you "eat poorly" or don't do enough yoga also affects your body. Be kind to yourself, make your choices with self-love and reflect on how you feel about different lifestyle choices. Our roads all look different and let your journey take time to reach a sustainability. Listen inwardly and manifest love. Thought affects us at the cellular level.

The article is written by Vilma Henriksson who works as a holistic therapist! Do you also want to write an article for the platform? Email us!

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''I work as a holistic therapist and receive clients with various health problems. I always look at the big picture and by understanding the lifestyle and carrying out a tongue and face diagnosis I help my clients find the root cause of their problems.'' - Vilma Henriksson

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