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This is how you create results in your dating life with the help of your thoughts

kärlek - love - dejting

Your thoughts create results. Depending on what you truly think about your worth and what is possible for you, you will attract what confirms your thoughts.

It is a fact that in every moment of your life you attract a certain type of friends, dates, relationships, jobs, money and so on based on what you think about yourself and your life. Thoughts create our reality. This is because everything is energy that vibrates at different frequencies. There is even research that shows that new thoughts change our genes. We are changed, by thinking new thoughts.

"How we think and feel determine our state of being. Most people just recreate the past over and over again. Your personality creates your personal reality. Nothing changes until you change.” Joe Dispensa

This becomes especially evident when you are dating and setting out to find love. Thoughts like: I'll never find my person, nobody wants me, I'm not pretty enough - will inevitably attract people who mirror your own image of your self-worth and will not be the right people for you.

Most of our thoughts feel true because we have thought them for so long and built up so much evidence for them. In fact, few of our thoughts state pure facts and even more express our own interpretation of the state of affairs: I am not enough, love hurts, no one wants to commit to me... Often we are not even aware that we are thinking these thoughts, we just notice that we are not attracting what we want relationally…

The thoughts we think create feelings in our body. When you start thinking new thoughts, you will experience new feelings and new vibrations will thus go through your body. Creating a new reality for yourself starts with thinking new thoughts, precisely because different thoughts give rise to different feelings. Here we come back to the fact that everything is energy: because different emotions vibrate at different frequencies, and will thus attract other situations and people into your life.

Believe in advance

One way to create your new reality is to start thinking thoughts that you want to believe in advance, that is, before you have proof of them yet. Imagine if you could really believe that your person exists, that you are perfect just the way you are and that you have everything a partner wants and more - then you would notice that you would suddenly and effortlessly start attracting brand new people in your life.

How would you date differently if you chose to believe that your person exists and that you are worthy of the relationship you dream of? You would no longer allow or settle for the person you're dating to contact you at the last second to book a date with you, that she hasn't answered your text message in 3 days, or that she answers vaguely about what she's looking for.

You need to prepare for the future you want to experience by starting to think desirable thoughts right now. When you start feeling emotions in advance, the body is rebuilt and it's like you're living from the future, because you're sending signals to the body that you're safe, loved and worthy right now.

There is nothing outside of yourself that determines whether you will meet your person, get your dream job or whatever you dream of. It all starts with your thoughts. And because thoughts are optional, you can choose to think thoughts that attract completely different people into your life.

The beauty of your thoughts creating your results is that you have all the power in your hands. Nothing is predetermined, but is defined now, based on what you choose to focus on. That way you create your own reality.

Like attracts like

Like attracts like - like attracts like! And before you can attract your person, you need to love the crap out of yourself. Because when you love the crap out of YOU, it's inevitable that your person will too. But you need to do the work first - otherwise you'll find that you keep attracting people who can't love you the way you want. As long as you haven't learned to love who YOU ​​are with all your wounds and flaws, you will continue to attract people who simply mirror you in that.

You can do this job and get your results. We know because we have done the work and continue to do it every day. And we promise, it works!

The article is written by Emma Schaber & Caroline Verständig who work as coaches in dating! Do you also want to write an article for the platform? Email us!

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"In the coaching, we work on upgrading your thoughts about yourself - by becoming aware of what thoughts you have today, what emotions they create in you, how you act on them and what results it creates for you. This is to then be able to attract what you dream of most of all - YOUR PERSON, the one who is affectionate, safe, warm, who makes you laugh and who wants to share his life with you.''
- Emma and Caroline

You can find Emma and Caroline's instagram here!

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