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What is Saturn Return?

Vad är Saturnus återkomst?

When you are born, all the planets are in a certain way in the zodiac, which is what determines what your horoscope looks like. Saturn is one of those planets. The Saturn return occurs when the planet Saturn has made a complete revolution around the zodiac since your birth. Saturn is a very slow planet, and the revolution around the zodiac takes a full 29.5 Earth years. But his slowness is not to be trifled with, as he returns with full force, creating for many a very upheaval and transformative time. This is because he wants to help you reach your highest path in life, and sometimes may have to take drastic measures to make you understand which is your highest path. Saturn's return occurs 2-3 times during a lifetime, i.e. every thirty years.

Why does Saturn return occur?

Saturn comes to help you get on the right path in life, usually starting around age 27 and lasting until age 30. It usually starts off relatively gently, with him giving you little hints that things aren't as they should be. You may have a gut feeling, an inner whisper that tells you that something is wrong with e.g. work or in a relationship. During Saturn's return, it's extra important to listen to these little hints, because if you choose to ignore them, he'll shift gears for you to really understand. You might lose your job, be left by your partner or lose a close friend. Now and then it can be difficult to understand that what is happening is really for your highest good, but trust that it is actually for your sake that it is happening. Because there is something much better on the other side. Something that matches your true self. And when you live your truth, you are at your very best.

How much you are affected by Saturn's return depends entirely on what life choices you made before Saturn took its turn in the zodiac. Although it may seem that Saturn only comes to shake up life, it is not primarily about that, but what he does is to be a helping hand. He wants your best, and that's important to remember when things feel tough. If you were already before Saturn's return a sensitive person who listened to your higher self and thus made life choices that are in line with your highest path, you will probably rather have a very wonderful time during these three years. As the helping planet that he is, he will reward you for your life choices, and you will get even more flow and support in what you do. Then you might feel like everything is going better than normal, and like you have someone who has your back. He shows you that you are on the right track, and rewards you for it. So Saturn means not only that you lose things that are wrong for you, but also that what is right for you deepens. You may lose your job, but the love for your partner will flourish more than ever.

It is therefore incredibly important to take advantage of all the opportunities that Saturn gives you. It really is a time to go with the flow, listen to your gut and take action. If you do, you will look back on these turbulent years with immense gratitude, because you are now in a place where you can live your true self. If you choose to ignore Saturn's return, or again make the wrong choice, he will return when you are 60 and help you back on the right path. And if you live a long life, he will return once more at 90.

How do you look up Saturn in your astrology chart?

Either you download your horoscope at (you need the date and exact time of your birth) and look for the symbol of Saturn in the chart. Or you go the easy way and enter your information here , and the system calculates which dates you are particularly influenced by Saturn. However, it is nice to also look in your chart so you can see more details about how your Saturn will affect you, by seeing which house Saturn falls into.

If you are curious to learn more about astrology, you should check out our basic course in astrology .

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