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Starseeds - what are they and who are there?

Starseeds - vad är det och vilka finns det?

Starseeds are souls who have not only incarnated here on Earth, but also lived in other places in our universe. They are souls who have a kind of inexplicable longing for home, without really knowing where home is. They have a kind of depth within them that has always been there, but maybe never really understood. It is said that the Starseeds began to come to Earth because of the way humans here lived, through war, separation, killing and ignorance of nature. A signal was sent out into the cosmos and waves of Starseeds began to flow to Earth. They saw it as great adventure with the opportunity for personal development and to uplift the planet.

Many Starseeds have tangible awakenings, where the veil of oblivion suddenly disappears and you remember who you really are. Others experience a kind of deep knowing and a recollection from a young age. Once a Starseed has awakened, they often find it difficult to have superficial and meaningless conversations, jobs and relationships. They have a kind of inherent sense that there is something more, and they remain restless until they have found their calling.

Starseeds often feel misplaced in the world, and can have trouble fitting in. They may feel like they are constantly pretending and putting on some kind of role to blend in with society. The feeling of longing away and home is strong, which comes from being a Starseed incarnated in places that are very different from Earth. All souls have lived in many different places around the universe, but the more times a soul has incarnated in a specific place, the stronger the connection to that place will be. You can compare this to being well-traveled, but having a favorite destination that you often return to. Depending on where in the universe one's soul has been the most, one will also have brought certain ways of being and character traits to that incarnation.

If you feel drawn to the term Starseed, chances are you are one. Here is a brief description of some of the most common types of Starseeds that can help you determine what other places in the cosmos your soul has been!

The Pleiades

The Pleiades are a star cluster located 444 light years from Earth, making them some of our closest neighbors. The Pleiades are also called the seven sisters, because the constellation consists of seven different stars. The Pleiades are said to be in the fifth dimension of light, love and creativity, so these Starseeds are often incredibly empathetic with an open heart chakra. They possess a happy, bubbly and talkative nature, and desire nothing more than to establish peace and harmony on earth. They are often good healers, and can work in everything from Reiki to crystal healing. Communication is something they are good at, and they can be found in any profession that involves sales or writing. Starseeds from the Pleiades are also sensitive souls, and being around a lot of negativity can make them physically ill. These Starseeds possess a strong feminine and nurturing energy, and can often be very tall and slender.


The star Sirius is the brightest star in the night sky. It also goes by the name The Dog because Sirius is the main star in the constellation Big Dog. It emits a blue glow and is only 8.6 light years from Earth. It is said that the Starseeds of Sirius are here to watch over and protect the earth, as well as to carry the message of spirituality and acceptance. Around the star Sirius there are two planets named Sirius A and Sirius B, of which Sirius B is said to be a world covered in water, home to whales, dolphins and sailors. On Sirius A lives a mixture of all sorts of creatures with different appearances and habits. Therefore, Starseeds from Sirius are often very open-minded and like to experiment with their appearance. They may dye their hair frequently or have piercings or tattoos. They enjoy expressing themselves creatively and are talented in all artistic fields. They may have a unique and colorful clothing style. In addition, they often have a very funny sense of humor and have no problem being silly and goofy. These Starseeds are often spiritual as well and it doesn't take much to make them happy. They appreciate simplicity and love to fantasize and daydream. They are also intelligent and calm creatures, but may have a tendency to internalize their deepest feelings and may have difficulty opening up. Finally, they may also feel a strong connection to ancient cultures such as Egypt and the pyramids. They are the messengers of humanity and are here to spread love and peace on earth.


Starseeds from Arcturus are said to be natural leaders with high intelligence. The star Arcturus itself is located in the constellation Bear Watcher located 36.66 light years from Earth. The star is what is called a red giant, and is incredibly large and hot. Because of this, Starseeds from this location can often feel cold and freezing, and may prefer to spend time in the warmer places on Earth. In addition to this, Arcturus is also said to be one of the most advanced civilizations in our known universe, and these Starseeds often have a natural gravitation towards innovation and science. Patterns, DNA, coding and quantum physics may be things they are fascinated by. Starseeds from Arcturus can also have telepathic abilities, meaning they can communicate through thought. It may be that in their childhood they preferred to be still and observe rather than talk directly to people. These Starseeds are endowed with immense wisdom, and therefore may find themselves in jobs that have to do with teaching specific skills. They are great as teachers and public speakers, and also have a great emotional intelligence which means they are also talented therapists. A slightly more secret side of Starseeds from Arcturus is that they also possess great abilities in divination. Despite their scientific side, they may be drawn to things like tarot or mediumship because of their telepathic abilities. This means that they can also be successful in channeling. They love to delve into different topics and learn about how things work, but can sometimes exude a slightly aloof aura. They are not the first to let someone into their life, and if an Arcturus starseed opens up to you, you can be sure that they trust and care about you. Finally, Starseeds of Arcturus are often associated with the color dark blue and silver, so if these are colors you often surround yourself with, it could be a sign that your soul has spent time on Arcturus.


Andromeda, which is actually a galaxy, is located 2.5 million light years from Earth and is the Milky Way's closest galactic neighbor. The Starseeds that come from here have traveled a long way to get to Earth, which is very different from their own homeland that extends all the way up to the twelfth dimension. They are extreme beings of light who have a light, calm and innocent aura, and they can sometimes have more trouble than others adjusting to Earth's frequency because it is so different from their own. Because of this gap in frequencies, Starseeds from Andromeda are not as common as other Starseeds here on Earth, and once here they tend to live simple and quiet lives, not attracting much attention. They are incredibly balanced beings with open heart chakras who welcome everyone around them. Thanks to their bright energy and their openness, these Starseeds can also be good at divination and have strong spiritual abilities. Starseeds from Andromeda possess tremendous empathy for all living things, and are very easy to read both humans and animals. They love their freedom more than anything, and can easily lose their spark if they feel held back by someone or something. But above all, they are incredibly kind people with a lovely childish sense of humor that is easily contagious.


The constellation Orion is perhaps one of the most familiar constellations to the human eye, and the stars Rigel and Betelgeuse are prominent in Orion's belt. Starseeds that come from here are said to have experienced the extreme polarities of both feminine and masculine energy, and therefore possess great knowledge of both. Orion is also said to be a place where many Starseeds come to learn, as they possess great technological knowledge and are very logical. These Starseeds can become prominent entrepreneurs on Earth, as they constantly thirst for knowledge and to evolve. They are extremely good at completing tasks and work hard and dedicatedly with their assignments. Starseeds from Orion like to analyze people, often have strong opinions and can tend to be critical of those who disagree with them. Actually, this trait is due to their inner high standards, and these Starseeds can be tough self-critics. They are also sensitive creatures who need a lot of alone time to recharge their batteries, and the more knowledge they possess, the more confident they become. These Starseeds may often choose to incarnate on Earth as Earth signs - ie Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn. This is because they value practicality and work highly, but at the same time they can also be incredibly funny people who can light up the whole company with their jokes.

Mint take

The planet Mintaka is also within the star constellation Orion, and is said to have been a water world covered in crystal clear and sparkling seas. Mermaids, dolphins, whales and other aquatic creatures are said to have lived here, but according to what is said, this planet no longer exists. However, there are many Starseeds from here who carry the memory of Mintaka, and so it is said that these Starseeds may be more homesick than some others, as they yearn for something that no longer actually exists. The Starseeds of Mintaka are incredibly pure and bright beings, and are said to have been the first lightworkers to come to Earth to help it evolve. They are naturally drawn to water, and may have had a fascination with mermaids and dolphins from a young age. They are incredibly kind and caring, and are passionate about caring for and protecting nature and wildlife on Earth.

The lyre

The constellation Lyra is another constellation said to be home to many Starseeds on Earth. It is a relatively small constellation, but its main star Vega is one of the brightest in the night sky. There are over 52 stars within the constellation Lyran that have exoplanets, that is, planets that are very similar to Earth and could potentially support life forms. In other words, there are a lot of planets in Lyran, and Starseeds with a lot of influences from this constellation are said to be very active and full of energy. They like to move around and discover new places, and are very adventurous. These Starseeds are often strong personalities who command a lot of respect, but they also have depth within them and are passionate about helping others. They follow their dreams without fear and fight both for their own freedom and that of others. Starseeds from Lyran often become very good athletes, but also possess great intelligence and love their own time - they are often seen as the more rebellious of the Starseeds. People with connections to Lyran may also have an attraction to felines, as it is said that the indigenous people of Lyran had cat-like features. Starseeds from here can feel an inexplicable bond with cats and their ilk, and can almost feel like they can communicate with them.

Are you a starseed? Feel free to comment.

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