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The Big Three - The Sun, Moon and Ascendant in your horoscope

The Big Three - Solen, månen och ascendenten i ditt horoskop

You've probably been asked what your zodiac sign is a number of times growing up. Maybe you recognized yourself in the description of your star sign, maybe not. This may be because you have many other strong influences in your birth chart. You actually have a whole map of planets that influenced you, which means you are so much more than just your star sign (which in astrological terms is called sun sign!).

Astrology can often be dismissed because of the short horoscopes you can read in the daily papers, but if you know what your "Top 3" placements are, it is also much easier to get a more accurate description. Here is a list of the first three placements you should look at in your horoscope to get as accurate a description of you as possible.

The sun in your horoscope 

The Sun is always the first thing to look at in astrology. The sign the sun is in is what you usually call your zodiac sign, and therefore it is also referred to as a sun sign. The sun sign describes your core, who you are basically and also your ego. You could say that your sun sign is like the engine that drives you, and that describes your most basic personality traits.

The moon in your horoscope

The moon is the other very important aspect to look out for in the horoscope, in order to form as clear an idea as possible. The moon has to do with our emotional life, and describes how we react in different contexts. If the Sun is seen as more extroverted and passionate, the Moon is your softer side, heartfelt and introverted. It is your emotional intelligence and is about what you really think and feel deep down. The Moon also describes your first response in various situations, for example what your first instinct is when there is pressure or drama.

The ascendant in your horoscope

The third piece of the astrology puzzle is called the ascendant, and is neither a planet nor a celestial body, but instead is the astrological sign that was rising on the horizon the minute you were born. Depending on which sign your ascendant is in, it shows how you choose to portray yourself outwardly, and in what way others perceive you. Many see the ascendant as the most important component of the horoscope, as it also affects where one strives in life. The ascendant can provide clues about your highest path, and it is said that you will be happiest when you learn to embody your ascendant sign. It is believed that the ascendant is the sign your soul came here to be and it shows you in what way you can positively influence your surroundings.

If you are curious to learn more about astrology, you should check out our basic course in astrology .

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