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What is meant by energies?

Vad menas med energier?

The concept of energies is something that is used a lot both in everyday language and in spiritual circles. You probably learned about different types of energy at school in physics classes, such as thermal energy, kinetic energy and electrical energy. You are probably also familiar with the saying "that person didn't have good energy". In other words, you can talk about energy in many different ways, but basically it is the same thing, and the most fundamental thing our world is made of.

Every human being has an energy field

Energy travels in waves, and each person has a unique energy field that surrounds the body. The energy field can be understood as an extension of ourselves, much like our bodies are warm but also radiate that heat into the room around us. Because our energy field is part of us, we can also sense when our energy field interacts with someone else's. If that person's electromagnetic waves differ too much from our own, that is, if the person emits a different frequency, we often feel it by the conversation stuttering or by a feeling of discomfort.

Even places and objects have an electromagnetic field surrounding them. So we can also feel the energy in different rooms and in different things we come into contact with. Most of the time people pick up signals from other surrounding energy fields subconsciously, but one can practice the ability to sense these energies more clearly.

Medium is in contact with a larger part of the energy spectrum

Medium has the ability to sense and pick up signals from more energies than those we see with the naked eye. The spectrum of energy can be compared to the spectrum of different lights, where the human eye can only perceive an extremely small part of all the light that exists. In addition to the light that we perceive, there is also infrared and ultraviolet light, and in the same way, there are also more energies around us that we do not have the ability to perceive. What the medium can do is tap into more energy channels, one might say, and gain access to information the specific channel possesses. In other words, energy works very much like radio waves, where you can, with the help of the right tools, screw in a specific frequency.

Energy fields have color

Energy is not actually invisible waves traveling through space, but has many different colors that you can learn to see if you have the right tools. The human energy field is full of colors, each of which tells something about the person's mood. This is called the human aura, and is something that can be photographed with specific machines. The different colors in one's aura vibrate at different speeds at different frequencies, and thus sit on different information about one's mood and personality. The colors in one's aura are closely linked to the chakra system in the body, and one can understand a lot about the basic traits of one's personality by studying both the aura and the chakra system in parallel.

Our universe is made up of energy

In summary, it can be stated that energy is everywhere around us, all the time. It moves, transforms and vibrates at different speeds, but its existence is constant. We can never create or destroy energy, only transform it. In the same way, we can change ourselves, by learning to be more attentive and develop the abilities that allow us to come into contact with energy frequencies beyond our human perception. The universe is made of energy, you are made of energy, and you have the ability to transform it into exactly what you want.

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