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How to heal yourself by listening within

Hur du läker dig själv genom att lyssna inåt

The article is written by Anika Lopez Wall who works as a media health coach Do you want to write an article on our platform? Email us!

The inner voice tells you every day and all the time what is good for you and makes you feel good. The inner voice tells you what fills you with love and allows you to grow, and what diminishes you and steals your energy. When we start listening inwardly, we receive an incredible amount of information without really thinking. It is something that is felt in the heart and in your soul that gives you a signal.

It can feel very different depending on how used we are to listening in. We are so fed with information, expectations and opinions, which affects the ability to listen to ourselves. Sometimes we think that something feels right, but in fact it is an external influence that has made us believe that it is true and the right path to follow.

If you feel for it, you will feel the signals and hear the inner voice more and more. Even if it's just a whisper. A whisper of what is for your highest good can be tremendously strong and powerful if you note it and follow that path.

Bodily signals – signals of imbalances

Our bodies are so amazing. It is beyond our understanding, almost magical. It can produce everything we need to heal. In all times it has been so. We are exposed daily to external influences that are a threat to our bodies, but which the body attacks and heals.
Besides that, we also have the ability to know what is good for us and what is not. For example, all signals of stress and all signals of food that we eat. Many people experience a range of physical symptoms of stress, but carry on anyway. Many people also experience that a certain type of food makes us feel bad and give us physical and rather unpleasant symptoms, but ignore and continue anyway. It is completely understandable that we act like that. We are not trained to listen to ourselves to get answers and information about how we feel.
What we often miss is that the body signals that something is not good. That something needs to change. The body tries to make you aware that a situation or certain type of food is not good for you. Listen, hear, stop! But no…. We drive on. Until a day when it can no longer be ignored. It's like the universe is putting us in a situation where we are forced to listen. Forced to stop to land. Get closer to ourselves again. Listen to the heart and that voice. Only then will we come to insights.
The body wants to cooperate with us. It is so incredibly important that we do it. When we do that, there is an interplay that is so amazing and magical.
Exercise for reading the body: Land in the heart

There are many exercises to do to start listening to the voice and sensing the signals. Here is an example and a tip:

To begin with is to land in the heart, there is your core and the voice of your soul. You can sit or lie down during this exercise. Feel free to light some candles, put on relaxing music to deepen the feeling and close your eyes. First, take a few deep breaths to land in your body. Feel your body and be present in the breath. Then land in your heart. Focus on the energy of your heart that is there, radiating and filling your entire body. Keep breathing calmly and just feel in.

Here you can then feel for it. Pick something out of your consciousness. A decision, a situation that rubs off or a dream you have. Let yourself be guided. Try not to think. Let your heart show you and feel what you need to know.
Feel free to do this every day. Eventually you will have it with you all the time and be more in your heart in everyday life.

Not listening so much to others is also something to practice. It can be nice to play, talk and get your thoughts and feelings out. Often, however, we tend to get tips and advice. It takes us many times further from our own inner voice and can create more confusion. Next time choose to land in a meditation where the heart can lead you. It strengthens you and makes it easier to recognize what is right.

The path to self-healing

The signals we receive are there for us to grow and to lead us to our full potential, where we can be authentic and blossom. Our bodily signals also have an explanation and are the body's way of saying that something is out of balance. When we listen in and allow ourselves to be guided, we find solutions and a path to more balance. We process things that lie and rub, we are forced to change and develop and we get the opportunity to take a closer look at the lifestyle. Taking care of both your inner self and your lifestyle is often the key to achieving balance and giving the body and soul the conditions for self-healing. We need to act on it and change what needs to change.
Stop, listen to yourself, listen to your body's signals and the voice of your soul. What do you need to bloom? What do you need to achieve better health?
If we give ourselves the opportunity to listen to ourselves and dare to follow what we feel is right, amazing things can happen to your health and well-being - inside and out.

About Anika Lopez Wall
In my work as a holistic and medial health coach, I look for the root cause of your physical and mental imbalances and symptoms. I take care of your lifestyle, work with healing anti-inflammatory diet, balancing healing and channeled messages from guides and angels in the universe. We listen to your body and soul so that the whole of you will come into balance and harmony with yourself.
Anicare Holistic

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