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Seven reasons to start meditating

Sju anledningar att börja meditera

Most of us know that meditation is good, but few of us may know exactly what it does in the body that produces the positive effects. Did you know, for example, that meditation relieves anxiety, boosts creativity and improves sleep? Below we have listed 7 positive effects that you can get from meditation.

1. Reduces stress

Meditation reduces the amount of cortisol aka our stress hormone. If we frequently walk around and feel stressed or pressured, the secretion of cortisol can lead to irregular sleep, fatigue or cloudy thoughts. By meditating just a short time each day, we can control the level of cortisol in the body and thus become more harmonious.

2. Relieves anxiety and depression

Connected to the point above, anxiety is also alleviated together with the reduction of the stress hormone. When you meditate regularly, you feel calmer inside and don't stress yourself out in the same way when you have difficult feelings or thoughts.

3. Makes us feel more satisfied with life

By sitting in silence with oneself and not taking into account all external factors and impressions that affect our lives, we can deeply discover ourselves and realize that we already have everything we need within us. Our mindset controls how we feel and when we find security and peace within us, it also leads to positive effects on a physical level.

4. Increases self-awareness

When we isolate ourselves from external impressions, we make room for new insights to enter. Then we can develop a heightened understanding of ourselves and realize what makes us feel good and where in our lives we may need to set boundaries.

5. Improves concentration

Meditating is exercise for the brain and just like building muscles, your brain will become stronger and more resilient the more you exercise. By only concentrating on your breathing, you practice your ability to concentrate, which in the long run can also lead to better memory.

6. Boosts creativity

Just after a 10-minute meditation, you can see that the creativity of people increases, and that it is easier for us to come up with innovative ideas and find solutions to problems that we previously did not think about. Our thoughts become clearer and we become more efficient.

7. Improves sleep

If you suffer from insomnia, meditation can really help you relax. Many people have difficulty falling asleep because all the thoughts start spinning around in their heads when they lie down in bed. By sitting still and controlling your thoughts, you will find it easier to do so even when you are going to sleep. In addition, regular meditation makes you feel more relaxed in general and releases tension - which in turn makes you sleep better. Many also experience that the quality of their sleep increases.

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