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The inner authorities of Human Design

De inre auktoriteterna inom Human Design

The inner authority is important to know when learning about your Human Design (if you don't know Human Design you can start by reading this article ). When you know your inner authority and your recommended strategy, it becomes much easier for you to make your decisions, and not least to make your decisions in a way that is right for you. Your recommended strategy is about how you practically make your decisions, while your inner authority is about how you know it's the right decision. This is really the time to put your ego aside and instead use your recommended strategy and your inner authority when making decisions. It can be difficult and even scary at first (due to your ego being controlled by fears you've picked up over the course of your life). But when you've tested a few times, you'll probably notice that the decisions you make are absolutely right for you, and that it's absolutely the right way to go.

Before continuing here in the article, it might be good to find out what inner authority you have. You can do that by taking out your HD map here .

There are seven different internal authorities, and here is a rundown of them all:

  • Emotional/solar plexus

  • You who have "emotional" as your inner authority really need to feel before you make a decision. Not thinking - feeling. We often find this type of inner authority with generators and manifesting generators but also with the other types. It's common for people with this inner authority to never feel completely sure of their decision, but when you feel almost sure, you know it's right. Avoid making decisions when you are in the middle of emotions. Rather sleep on the matter and make the decision when you are calm and grounded.

  • Splenic
  • You who have "splenic" as your inner authority must make your decisions immediately. You instinctively know what you want, and that's the feeling or thought you should go for. If you keep kneading you won't get the true answer back, so always go with your direct intuition. We find this kind of inner authority in projectos and manifestors, and in only 11% of the population.

  • Sacral

  • It is very common for generators/manifesting generators to make sacral sounds as a sign that something is right or wrong. So a sound from the stomach like an excited "mh-mh" or a more skeptical "ne-he". You who have sacral as your inner authority should look for these sounds. They guide you to what is right or wrong. If you don't make a sound, you may notice in your own body language that you are drawn to something that feels right. Trust your gut! We find this type of inner authority with generators and manifesting generators.

  • Self-Projected

  • This type of inner authority is very rare - only 2.8% of the earth's population possesses it and we find it in projectors. You who have this inner authority should listen to your own words and to the way you talk about the decision you are about to make. Talk to someone and listen to yourself. Do you sound engaged, energetic? Then it is the right decision. If, on the other hand, you sound monotonous or have no feeling for it, it's the wrong decision.

  • Lunar
    1.39% of the population have "Lunar Cycle" as their inner authority, and we find it with reflectors. Reflectors have a very special relationship with the moon. You who have this inner authority should wait an entire lunar cycle to make your decisions (28-30 days). If, despite the time, you have not yet made a decision, you should at least make sure that your decision is not made under pressure from someone else, but that you are allowed to make the decision in peace and quiet for yourself.

  • Ego
    We find this type of inner authority in projectors and manifestors, but make up a very small percentage (about 1% of the population). It means that you should make your decisions based on what the heart wants. Ask yourself if you really want and have the energy to do what you are deciding on. Be selfish, and feel free to talk out loud and honestly about the decision to see how you feel about it.

  • Environmental/None
    This type of inner authority is found in projectors. For you, the environment you are in when you make decisions is incredibly important. Talk about the decision with other people, and listen to whether you yourself sound truthful or not. Avoid making the decision when you are very emotional or when you are in a period when you have a lot on your agenda. Find a quiet environment with someone you feel safe with and talk it out.

  • If you missed our article on the basics of Human Design, you can read it here .

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