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Marli Montán on working with human design

Marli Montán om att jobba med human design

We know that many people are curious about what it's like to work with human design, including us! That's why we wanted to take the opportunity to interview a person who actually does it. Marli Montán combines coaching with human design and we wanted to know more about how she works and how she sees human design as a tool. In this article, you can read about how Marli got into human design, why human design is important in her daily work, how a reading is done and much more. If you want to learn more about human design, you can read the articles " About Human Design and the different types " and " The inner authorities in human design" .

Hi Marli! Tell us a little about yourself

I am Marli Montán, a woman who, almost a year ago, understood that until now she had created a life that was based on someone else's dream. Despite a strong intuition and a feeling both that I was meant for something more and that there was something bigger than me guiding me, I chose to push it aside and follow the path that my brain envisioned. Today I live my dream, where I combine human design with coaching to help people find their inner strength. Everything is already within us, sometimes we just need a little guidance to know how to find our way back. I am passionate about personal development, leadership and balance in all areas of life. My mission for the near future is to spread human design as the obvious tool for self-knowledge and to make people feel that they have found home. Both podcast and more courses are coming, so stay tuned!

How did you become aware of human design?

About five years ago I came into contact with human design for the first time. But then I went in and looked at my chart and just thought "what kind of complicated system is this?". Then it felt the most messy. But when I started my company Mindbloom, my whole basic idea was that I wanted to coach women and in the same vein that I started accepting clients, I listened to a podcast about human design. I checked my chart before so I could keep up during the episode and realized wow this is so cool. How does it know all this about me? That's when I got hooked on human design and decided that I just had to include human design as part of my business.

What energy type are you and how has learning about it helped you?

I'm a projector, and when I found out I was actually very surprised. I have always fought hard and just pushed on even though it felt hard. But when I found out I was a projector, which is a non-energy type, I felt it landed so nicely. It was exactly what I needed to hear then and it was truly divine timing when I stumbled upon human design. For example, I found so clearly in my human design that I should guide people in how they can feel their best and what they can do to love themselves, and that is exactly what I am doing now. Human design has helped me land in what I really want to do.

Why is human design important when coaching others?

I myself was very surprised that I was a projector. Most of us strive for the same things and you think that "it should be a little difficult" and you should "have a little resistance", otherwise it is not right. It also applied to myself before I got to know my own human design. It made me realize how unbalanced we actually are.

My whole business is about coaching women and helping them live their dream and work on their limiting thoughts. For me, there is no better way than to coach based on someone's human design. Then you can help the person to really become themselves. To become that person who is in there but who you may have renounced because of norms and beliefs from society that made you silence your own voice in order to live a life that looks good on the outside.

Human design can really help people find back to their own strength. For me, it is important to connect human design together with coaching in order to make people understand all the strengths they have within them, which they themselves probably already know about but which they do not make use of.

How does a reading go for you?

Everything I do in my business is online, so the first thing you do is schedule a one-hour video call with me. During the conversation, I go through your energy type, your life strategy, your authority, your profile, your energy centers and your active gates. Our gates are actually the basis of the entire map and the basis of which energy type you are. Where you have a full channel is where you have extra strength. Everything in human design are strengths, but in the places where you have a full channel, you do things completely without effort.

We also talk about not self-theme, i.e. how you are when you are out of balance with yourself. Then I tell you what kind of incarnation cross you have, i.e. what purpose in life you have. You then receive a PDF of 25-30 pages afterwards so that you can go back and understand what we actually talked about during the conversations. You can also have it to lean back on at any time afterwards. The goal from my side is that you should try to live by your humane design and that you should learn how to apply it in your everyday life.

What do you feel it does to people when they learn about their human design?

I know that people sit and cry with relief during their entire reading. There are people who have lived their entire lives in ways that are not their true selves and are incredibly relieved to finally have a greater understanding of themselves. There are actually many skeptics who come to me as well, but at the end of the conversation they are always blown away.

Human design is used in so many different areas and it is applicable to so many aspects of life. Both in relationships, at home, with friends and in work life. In a workplace, for example, you can create ultimate teams by working with human design. As a parent, you can learn how to allow your child to be as free as possible and not try to peel layers off the child just because he is "not like everyone else". It is simply an amazing system because it is so concrete and applicable.

And finally - how to get in touch with you?

You can email me at or book a reading via On Instagram, my name is

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